Backpacker – Travel Trivia Game APK (Update v1.3.9) Mod


Outdoor trips can be a little bit overwhelming for first-time backpackers, especially at wild camps, miles away with comfortable lifestyles. Even in crowded cities, they still have a lot of difficulties. However, loneliness is one of the main reasons for carrying their backpacks up and go. The world has seen many backpackers on the back of a backpack, crossing thousands of kilometers of terrain to fulfill their dream of traveling. Unfortunately, you get lost in some faraway place and have no money in your pocket, how do you go back home in that difficult situation?

Download Backpacker – Travel Trivia Game Mod Unlimited Gold APK v1.3.9 latest for Android

You are a travel lover. Once you are alone in the beautiful city of Rome. You have lost all your money and in your pocket only 5 dollars. In this harsh situation, what would you do to living there? It is difficult to live and especially you have to go to return home as well. Backpacker ™ – Travel Trivia Game will be an interesting puzzle game and put you in that circumstance.

Before joining this game, we will have two options: Washington or Rome. These are the two cities that have to overcome many difficulties and challenges. But we all love the ancient cities, and of course, Rome is the choice of most of us. Instead of wandering around the vast city, you will be reading all the guides and start doing the first task to make money. You can find a food shop or restaurant to start taking on extra jobs, followed by multiple-choice questions around the knowledge of travel. Every correct answer you will get a little penny. Furthermore, you can collect the gift boxes from the familiar shops, you will have the opportunity to unlock new areas in the game, help you explore many new things.

Backpacker for Android has a beautiful 3D graphics, all the characters as well as the beautiful city of Rome designed in the cartoon style. With bright colors and fun sounds, this is a great entertainment game for everyone after school or working hours.

Backpacker for Android Main Features

  • Explore Rome or Washington in a miniature
  • Gain knowledge with multiple choice questions in the game
  • Earn money by extra jobs and continuing to travel elsewhere
  • Complete unique collections from many different cities around the world and give to your friends
  • Conquer the world, become a genuine backpacker.
  • Supports many languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
  • Multiple-platform support: Android, iOS, PC (Simulator)

Overall Backpacker – Travel Trivia Game is a unique adventure game where you will be able to explore beautiful cities and gain more knowledge when answering multiple choice questions in the game. Let’s prove you are an authentic backpacker and fulfill your dream.

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