BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Mod APK (Auto Combo)


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is a rhythm genre game from cherry blossom country (Japan). Are you a follower of music? Music always gives us a fascinating feeling experience. Music makes us feel better, feeling the good and the beauty of life around us. The tone is the most natural thing to get into the brain, most memorable. Therefore, many music games for mobile phones were born. BanG Dream Girls is one of them; here we will briefly introduce this game.

Download BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Mod APK (Auto Combo) latest for Android

Remember the incredibly popular Piano Tales? And BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! are similar, but this game is similar to Cytus, Cytus extremely popular but the size of this game a bit large, many customers may have trouble playing as RAM does not load. BanG Dream Girls will give players a completely new experience with the storyline, interesting gameplay style.
A band of beautiful girls will appear on the BanG Dream Girls, who will play many of the world’s most famous songs to earn extra income. Your task is to play the songs in the best way. In BanG Dream Girls, there are thousands of cool songs from Japan and many other countries in the world for you to try. Do you always have a passion for playing a musical instrument, or just want to play your favorite music yourself? However, many people do not have time to practice the instrument, not gifted… BanG Dream Girls will help you play music in the most intelligible, but also requires a lot of necessary skills.

For each track, when you hit play, there will be notes from the top of the screen falling, what you need to do is wait for each note to drop on the horizontal bar displayed on the screen and touch it. If you hit the right time, the higher the score, the better the song. Do not let the nodes fall through the bar and hit; then you have lost your turn. For difficult music, lots of music and quick rhythms, you need to work extremely fast, accurate. Otherwise, you will miss a lot, and the music is not complete. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! not only give you the feeling of playing your music but also challenging the player with many difficult songs. However, it is much easier to play with the current instruments.

With 3D graphics and detailed design, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Mod APK offers the best gaming experience for the user. You will be exploring the online mode, a band composed of many people, so you alone cannot complete a song. Challenge yourself with BanG Dream Girls and have a relaxing moment with your friends!

Mod features

  • V1: Auto Combo + 96% Perfect
  • V2: No Damage + 96% Perfect
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