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  • January 18, 2018
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The most open and bloodiest era in Chinese history, with the collapse of many nations, human beings mistakenly due to the forces of constant war to seize each other. This is the Three Kingdoms era, where only the strong can survive. Welcome to Battle Kingdoms, a game of the publisher of Snail Games USA Inc.

Not only bring you the most authentic experience of this period by bringing you into the most fierce battlefields but also giving you the feeling of true love of the royal family in the rear for himself. The combination of war history and romance makes the game extremely inviting and received many positive comments from the gamer community.

Before coming up with a general introduction to the Battle Kingdoms game, we will introduce you to the great production team that created this game – Snail Games. This is a game maker for mobile phones from the USA. Their products are role-playing games set in the Three Kingdoms period. Their most successful game is Taichi Panda. If interested, you can experience this game before coming to Battle Kingdoms

Outstanding predecessor of Taichi Panda

Battle Kingdoms one of the first games to exploit the emotional aspect of a strategy game. You can create your own “harem” and produce beautiful, healthy descendants to maintain your heritage. The good news for boys playing this game is that you can entertain after hours of intense fighting by teasing and spoiling your charming beauties. Talking about the bloody front and fire, you can customize your skills as comfortably as possible to create your powerful combos without being constrained in any way.

The publisher did a great job of giving Battle Kingdoms APK a completely new way of playing, breaking the rules of the games of the same genre. This is what I love so much. And to make the game more attractive, the designer also offers a lot of engaging fighting modes and may be quite difficult to understand, take advantage of all the strength of the generals with the different challenges. But if you have mastered and understood all the hidden powers of the general, then you will probably know the combination of the characteristics of the general to help them evolve into higher power form. The skills of the hero must be one of the following attributes Water, Thunder, Immobilize, Slash, Fire, Healing, Support. After winning a match, you will receive gold and “General Souls” will help you summon powerful generals and even epic generals.


The game is designed with light 2D graphics to help maximize the game’s smoother playback on smart devices but still show the character of the Three Kingdoms. Not only that, but the game also incorporates some interesting creative details that you might not even imagine, just like a Japanese manga book.

Sum up

Battle Kingdoms is a free game with violent fighting style but is minimalist to not bring horrible feeling should be suitable for all ages. Download game to learn more about the most heroic era of Chinese history and immersed in the most emotional love story in the world.

Note that new games are only tested in certain countries. Therefore, it’s possible that you may not be able to download from Google Play because it’s not in the manufacturer’s testing area. Do not worry, we will provide an extracted APK file from the original release. Please install it and enjoy this great game.

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