Bot Smashers APK (Update v1.0) Mod

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  • Update: January 7, 2018 at 6:27 pm
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Cute robots appear everywhere in our lives. They can be servants, washing dishes, toys for small kids and an important part of our lives. As well as catching the technological tastes of modern humans, Bot Smashers games will give you a new perspective on the little robots as they can move, run back and ford like a baby. We are through the latest trailer launched by the developer.

Brother of the Paladins Strike

The gameplay is quite simple because it is similar to soccer. But of course, there are little other differences with online football. On the screen, there will be an arena for battle as a football field but no goal. There are no fans or referees, but it does have a lot to do with the new Bot Smashers. The game will have two separated robots team, you can choose which side you like to join. There are many small robots in the faction, each with its own robots, who control them to command other creatures to fight their opponents.

Unique features

The game offers a number of robotic characters that players can choose from, including robots, small robots with different colors and designs that are lovely and suitable for those who are interested. With the robot assembly, you can change them to suit your style or taste. Since this is a mobile game, the controls are small and suitable for all phones. The sound used in the game is a little bit vibrant and even in harmony with the gun or the attack of the one against each other. The robots can stand where they attack or launch troops to attack directly into the opponent’s territory are controlled by the user depending on how the battle situation.

Sum up

The game is a battle of 1 vs 1 of the robot together for mobile phones so the investment and preparation before the launch of Hi-Rez will certainly bring a lot of new and special. Especially when players join Bot Smashers. Build your own ramp, use these tactics and constantly develop it. Creates combat skills to win against opponents in limited combat.

Surely the above description you have a little interest in the game right? The design and style are simple but not boring, with the interest of the players, developers hope the game will create a fever around the world. You can now subscribe to this game experience at our below link.

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