Bright Battle APK/IPA (Update v1.0.1)

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  • Update: December 7, 2017 at 7:49 pm
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The game is the exchange between images and sound; each battle is shown through the ability to fight, the survival of the characters. Action games are always the first choice for gamers because of its fascination, drama. This game is the product that is attracting the market today, online game Bright Battle is creating strong competition with the same game genre.

Download Bright Battle APK/IPA v1.0.1 latest for Android/iOS

Bright Battle simulates the intersection of light in the universe, which has created a fierce battle in which human beings play an essential role in helping to restore the balance of nature. Netease Game developed this game, a leading Chinese game company that works with the Hollywood audio team, so every detail in the game is invested in high quality. Involved in the game players will be embodied in the character of his battle. With high resolution and highly skilled fighting techniques, the game system offers the most realistic experience. The players can use the keyboard to match the skill of the game; the player is the embodiment of the character in the game, Each battle is not conclusive, you must determine the nature of your opponent and plan the campaign.

To win the game, players must have skill in judgment and agility. In addition to the team collaboration mechanism to help players maximize each other in the fight. Groups are formed based on the difficulty of the challenge, in which the role of the commander is significant. You do not just decide on weapons, attacks, but also hold essential parts to defeat opponents.
With high resolution and fantastic, surreal views, every detail in the game is a pioneering step in quality. Equipped with accessories, weapons with compelling visuals, the first in the action game. Bright Battle is a battle of light, so the colors on the game are so brilliant that it creates shimmering visual effects, especially the battle scenes of the characters, creating a colorful picture, visual stimulation.

What do you think makes the new action game genre, with Bright Battle, creating a highly interactive and full-featured community:

  • Members connect to chat with other players
  • The information shows the details of the player, so you quickly find out the enemy.
  • Increases group battle wars, enhancing the position of each team member
  • Use cards, diplomas to mark friends and activities of the character.

Based on the capabilities and needs of users, Bright Battle has continuously improved its quality, upgraded its application system with a variety of new and modern accessories, equipped with additional weapons and armor of characters. This game is not only a game version to meet the entertainment needs of users but also a 3D world full of life and fun. Currently, the game version has links to mobile devices running Android platform should be suitable for everyone to download games.

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