Brown Dust (MOD, Many Features)


When I was a kid, I always lived in heroic and monster stories through my mother telling me to sleep. I love and spend all my time wishing to become brave warriors like those stories. I used to watch the hero movie – sword fighting and collecting pictures, comics to satisfy his passion. Growing up a bit, I got to the game, and I started participating in virtual worlds, where I became real warriors. One of my favorite games is Brown Dust, a tactical role-playing game from NEOWIZ, the popular publisher of games: 탭 소닉 TOP – 뮤직 그랑프리 and Jump Game – Finger Jump. Find out what you will experience with this game!

The Empire has fallen, and the Age of Great Mercenaries Now Begins!

Brown Dust owns the familiar turn-based gameplay, which means that players need to put the tactical element first in the game. It is extremely important to plan combat based on various factors such as position or characteristics of units. The game offers mercenary units ranging from 4 classes: defense, attack, support and magic, players can comfortably create unique tactics.With over 300 different types of soldiers, the player can gather and exploit their special skills, keeping in mind that each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages of the class are necessary. If a class is developed too much, the player is easily defeated on the battlefield.

Create Your Ultimate Team And Strike Down Your Enemies!

Initially, players are given a default number of soldiers, during the game, players have the opportunity to collect more gold coins and new units. Use the gold coins and experience gained on the levels to upgrade your soldiers, the higher the level, the stronger the skill and stats. On the other hand, the story mode is varied; there are more than 600 challenges waiting for players to conquer. However, the difficulty will be raised gradually, requiring players to have a strong army as well as an appropriate strategy to be able to overcome. Also, the PvP mode is also a lot of gamers are interested in, where players can compare and show their bravery. Moreover, this mode also brings a lot of attractive rewards; players should not be overlooked.

Enjoy the real challenge in chapters and be the hero now!

Brown Dust is a tactical multiplayer game where you can experience the classic battles with more than 600 levels. In addition, the game also has very beautiful graphics; characters are designed with lively, soft lines and flexible, Korean style. Also, the movement of the character is treated quite smoothly, combined with the wonderful skill effects, will definitely give players the most exciting and new feeling. However, later stages are also quite difficult, requiring players to have a good strategy. The game is free, download and experience in your spare time.

MOD Info?

1. MOD Menu
2. God Mode (removed cause of bugs)
3. Battles Speed x20
4. Always able to auto-repeat battle (perfect for AFK farming)
5. Max Character Inventory x5
6. Max Equipment Inventory x5
7. Max Soul Item Inventory x5

  • In order to run this App, you will need to grant storage permission and overlay permission for that app if you have Android 6 or higher. Otherwiseit will crash the cause of the menu! (Setting -> App -> MARVEL Contest of Champions -> Permission -> Turn ON Storage and Overlay permission)
  • Somehow on my device, it needs contact permission as well, otherwise, the game just stuck at the beginning. Tbh I have no idea why, but that game needs it. Have nothing to do with the mod.
  • To close the menu, click the “” at the top!
  • If you want to play with damage, you must enable the damage to cheat BEFORE the game starts to log in, otherwise it gives an error! For God-Mode you can enable at any time while you are already logged in, just do it before you start a battle.
  • Did you get 2 menu buttons out of nothing? No problem! Just force close the game, the menu didn’t close correctly from last time and is now double active.
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