Calcio Fantasista APK (MOD Money)


Football has long been regarded as the “king sport” with the number of fans and passions spread all over the world. Legend has it that the sport originated in ancient China, and later in ancient Rome, the two great cradles of human civilization. Up to now, modern football has been perfect regarding play, rules and tactics and a lot of complicated rules. More and more people are interested in football, regardless of the country or territory of the world. Especially when the football tournament is famous worldwide as the Premier League or the FIFA World Cup was held, the whole world as an explosive wave of football, everywhere only heard people talk or presentation of the game or news about soccer. This is a sport too addictive!

And also the popularity of football is the reason that there are many titles for it was born for those who have an endless passion for football and want to build yourself a strong team to have. Against the other teams. Calcio Fantasista, a game of soccer by the issuer GungHoOnline innovative, promising to bring you experience football virtual extremely great scorers Classy, balls Madness and many things great other!

Gameplay similar Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

As an utterly Japanese game, like Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, it is quite difficult for you to understand all the gameplay and features of the game. But nothing will stop you from creating your team and training your players to become stronger. You will be selected one of the teams with the strengths and strengths, weaknesses to match the game most of you. Then you can train your team, put the players that you like to participate in the tournament, compete with other groups to show your strength. Especially in this exciting game is the unit can be boys can also be girls.

And of course, an unbelievable match between a men’s and a women’s team can completely take place in the world of Calcio Fantasista. When you enter the match, you will be given the direction of football, kicking and dropping the ball to create the most realistic and dramatic game possible. If you want to win, you have to concentrate and calculate accurately to be able to make accurate judgments, creating the transcendental shadow for the players here! After each win, you will be rewarded with incredible bonuses that will allow you to recruit more coaches and talented players to make your team stronger and more lifelike. High your indicators. Interestingly, right?


Features in the game will help you become a real football manager, and maximize your experience so you can lead the team to victory. You can buy players with the money earned after each game, challenge other players and prove the tactical strength and strength of your team. What better way to have your significant players and comfort show your tactics?

Graphics and sound

Character designer extremely beautiful, the stadium and the audience just as real, and the players on the pitch, just like the characters lego very funny cute will make you unable to move the eyes from a smartphone of my being. The sound is lively and exciting, cheering loudly on the stage to the whistle of the referees are also very lively. Indeed a game worth to enjoy.

Sum up

For those who have an endless passion football and interested want to challenge yourself with a game requires strategy and ability to observe sensitivity, Calcio Fantasista APK really will give you a delightful taste experience. Undeniable charisma king sport as well as a new game and intriguing to like, so what are you waiting anymore that you do not load Calcio Fantasista immediately and experience all the great things the most that is it.

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