Card City Nights 2 APK (Update v1.2.4)

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  • March 5, 2018
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Card City Nights 2 is an exciting card game for those who love the genre. Currently, the game is being sold for $ 4.93 on the Google Play app marketplace by the publisher of Ludosity. If you have not forgotten the Card City Nights game, the good news is that it’s the second version of the game that has just been released.

This game is a long journey for the player, you will go through a mysterious city called Starship Frivolity, where every resident here is immersed in its strange space. Your most important mission in Card City Nights 2 is to survive the various cards of the day. Players must win each game to gain the trust of the city’s residents and receive their cards. In this city, filled with unthinkable traps, from suspicious laboratories, haunted harbors to deadly restaurants, always attract the curiosity of players.

Coming to Card City Nights 2, you can play cards online with other players on the same screen. Connect your cards to the board in order to use power, heal, shield or mess up your opponent. The interface plays on the same screen between two people so you can send messages and live chat with your opponents easily, stop their suspicious actions or take away the power that your opponent is using. With its innovative gaming system compared to its predecessor, Card City Nights 2 delivers a compelling experience for gamers, and its innovation is an endless adventure that always comes with great fun. friend.

Have you ever played a card game with adventure? Card City Nights 2 will be an extremely bright choice for players who love this combination, and you can play online with friends too. There are more than 200 different cards waiting for you to gather from the Ludosity universe characters, exploring vague places on the map in a fun way. To download this exciting game, please click on the link below to download for free. Wish you happy gaming

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