Choices: Stories You Play – Everyone has a life of their own, and apparently each incident. They all contribute to a complete story. Each person’s actions and decisions are different and will lead to an unpredictable future. Nowadays, there are many game makers who understand this exciting and varied game and have launched many products […]

Choices: Stories You Play (MOD, Premium/Unlocked)

29 thoughts on “Choices: Stories You Play (MOD, Premium/Unlocked)

  1. We can’t choose the Mod. I download it and the diamonds works fine but the keys is not 😒. Can you please update it and i wish the keys work 😒

  2. are keys working?

  3. Has a fix for the keys been found?

  4. Please fix the keyss..!! πŸ™


  6. Will the key issue ever be resolved?

  7. Not working πŸ™

  8. My anti-virus says that this file has a malware. Meeeeh

  9. Keys still not working…..Pls help

  10. I’m sure the mod works but it contains malware so I won’t download it

  11. Love this game. the Unli keys don’t work though, hope it gets fixed soon. Doesn’t hurt to wait a bit to play it. Keep at it

  12. keys is not working, please fix that

  13. keys is not working. please fix that

  14. Key still not working. It’s really good if we have unlimited key too. Please fix it…please…

  15. Please fix the keys T-T

  16. any further update for unlimited keys?

  17. The mod isn’t working with me πŸ™

  18. Awhhh the keys is not working :c , the diamonds working fine.

  19. Mod for this game works fine for me and I think, that this site will be my favorite one!

  20. When will you update the latest version of this game that is 2.5.4

  21. can i use it for PC?

  22. Hi! If you could please update to the new version (2.6.0) whenever you have the chance, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  23. Hey this works great! I have a question though.. what do I do to keep playing when it asks for an update? Do I download the new version from here or do I uninstall the game and download it from scratch? I don’t want to lose my progress please help

  24. Hi! Version 2.6.2 was just released, please update whenever you can! Thank you!

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