Civilization Revolution 2 (Update v1.4.4) Mod Unlocked

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  • Update: August 4, 2017 at 1:59 pm
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Civilization Revolution 2 is the mobile version of the famous simulation game series on the PC was developed by Sid Meier. In the game, you are the supreme commander of a nation literally. Your mission is to lead your people to reach the new glories in technology, economy, and military. Fight, make peace or make a strong league. All of these things are in your hand.

Download Civilization Revolution 2 APK v1.4.4 Mod Unlocked latest for Android

Besides making economic power and military, you should pay attention to science and technology or build the world wonders to increase your country’s influence over places. The game also combined strategies of this series game and friendly interface. Special design of the game will allow gamers to use fingers to experience the world of the game in a lively, fun way through events and historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Napoleon, Churchill. Or Kennedy …

According to the publisher of the game, Civilization Revolution 2 APK will have 3D graphics more impressive than the previous version. In addition, there are “new details make the game more attractive and exciting”. In sum up, Civilization Revolution 2 for mobile will also be owned by many new technologies to help gamers enjoy the game more comfortable as previous versions on PC.

Civilization Revolution 2 for Android Main Features:

  • New Civilization – Korea
  • New Leader
  • New Units
  • New Technology
  • New Buildings & Wonders
  • Enhanced 3D Graphics
  • Scenario Challenges


Check out our latest update including:
– One New Tech – Artificial Intelligence
– Three New Units – Drone, Transport Aircraft and Light Armor
– New Leader of the Chinese Civ – Taizong of Tang
– New Live Event Maps
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