Day Break APK (v1.24.1260) Mod

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  • October 18, 2017
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Recently, South Korea’s ARPG Mobile have a game name Day Break which allows gamers to engage in the most playable and cool play combat. France and Korea are two of the greatest mobile publishers in the world. But while France has Gameloft is the bearer alone of all, the Korean has countless names ready to rush in the first line. Linekong Korea with MMORPG Day Break is the latest example to that.

Download Day Break Mod APK v1.24.1260 latest for Android

With a bloody combat system and the free element of the MMORPG genre, Daybreak promises to become a hot game that warms up gamers hand right now. Although the game has just appeared in Korea and completely locked out of the foreign area. Fortunately, GameHub holds in hand the alternative game download address, help you download Day Break now. Although advertising as an MMORPG, in fact, Daybreak is more about traditional ARPG style. Here, players will be immersed in the intense battlefield, control the battle with mad spells or the craziest sword.

But not so that Day Break forgets about the freedom of an MMORPG. Instead of setting a constant viewing angle, the game offers a large 3D space with a viewing angle behind the main character.Thanks to this factor that gamers can observe the great space of the game, from the scenery in the game to the architecture huge in the city. Moreover, the opportunity to see the influx of players in front of the eyes actually makes realistic experiences so much in Day Break.

In terms of screenplay, Day Break is also very clever in separating between “free” and “personal” elements. As usual, when traveling in a certain area outside the city, gamers can communicate and meet with other players comfortably. However, if you want to participate in combat or perform tasks, Day Break will have certain positions for players to change location. This helps the game not to lag when there is too much activity on the screen while giving gamers the comfortable activities without being attacked or hijacked.

Day Break for Android is a rare MMORPG that combines the elements of MMORPG into gameplay, giving gamers the freedom and excitement of the online world. As mentioned earlier, the game is now available in Korea and completely blocked offshore. Fortunately, ModDroid.Com has access to the alternative download site, which will help you the free download of Day Break here.

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