War is not a good thing. War causes us to lose materially and causes many people to lose loved ones. Therefore, war is also a topic that the game developers get inspired to reflect the bad consequences that the war left. Have you ever thought, if one day, the nuclear war broke out, how will […]

Day R Premium (MOD, Coins/Caps/Covers)

4 thoughts on “Day R Premium (MOD, Coins/Caps/Covers)

  1. Your file name mentions caps, does it refer to the 2500 premium bonus or some form of unlimited caps if its the latter then my file received no such cap bonus if its the prior your file name is rather misleading and what does it mean by soldier?

  2. That doesn’t answer my question in the least. Its actually a very weak evasion. What does the (cap/soldiers) refer to?

  3. Please some item mising from shop

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