Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat

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  • March 12, 2019
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Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat has become one of Capcom’s most successful titles. Here is some information I learned about this famous gaming company. Capcom Co., Ltd. (Kabushiki-gaisha Kapukon, TYO: 9697) is a multinational company specializing in the development and distribution of electronic games based in Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1979 under the name of Japan Capsule Computers, a company that manufactures and distributes electronic game consoles. As of 2008, Capcom has grown to become one of the 50 largest software companies in the world.

Devil May Cry has come to mobile

Capcom is famous for its range of video games, such as Street Fighter, Destiny of the Emperor, Rockman, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. Game studio Yunchang Games (云 畅 游戏) has announced good news for gamers that they have received the copyright of the game Devil May Cry on the mobile platform. Pinnacle of Combat and officially the game is a legendary series, so you are assured of quality because it is not a counterfeit game or imitation. This news was picked up by MMO Culture.

Maybe I do not need to describe much about the gameplay of this game anymore, just to add a few differences when it is adapted into mobile games only. The story of the game is still the journey of a man carrying his mission to destroy the devil around the world. He was hounded by the human world and taken to many famous newspapers, but it seems our main character does not care about it at all. The only concern is that the devil is screaming at him when he appears. But they are not useless creatures, they carry terrible dark powers. Where they reign evil constantly raging and when the devil is in the shape of the earth, the earth shakes and the ground is cracked and fire erupted fiercely. Your task is to use all your weapons from two shotguns to the sword except the giant devil.

CAPCOM’s best RPG series

Now, when the game is made into a smartphone version, the virtual control buttons are arranged on two sides of the screen. At the bottom of the left corner, the scroll key is designed to blur without disturbing the viewer to the gamer, and on the left three basic functions are rolling, attacking and attacking, and three keys To switch weapons to match each battle.

Regarding graphics, you can be assured that this game is licensed directly from Capcom so that it will guarantee 3D graphics from the original version. The design is somewhat diminished but still shows the strength and speed of the attack. The sound, of course, is kept as this is an essential part that makes gamers feel that they are involved in the battle between the hero and the monster.

High-end 3D graphics

Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is expected to be released in China in 2018. In this market is sure to be a very high revenue game with the country has a population of 1.3 billion. However, the producer still has not said anything about releasing the game to the world market, but you are assured that the publisher will soon be releasing Asian players and then the world. We will regularly monitor the situation and give you more information about this blockbuster as soon as possible.

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