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Listening to music on the phone today is no longer a strange thing, but only some high-end equipment is equipped with excellent speakers. And the mid-range phones, the music is not paid much attention. DSP Music Player Pro is designed to make your phone’s speakerphone more advanced, delivering songs with more excellent quality sound. The application was released in early March, and JKHDSOFT is the publisher of this fantastic product.

DSP Music Player Pro is a simple, lightweight music player. If your device has a flexible configuration, this is the most affordable music player in your application menu. With just about 3MB of memory available for the premium version, you’ve got a great music app that can handle a lot of things. It helps to make the sound more significant, the bass is loud, but some other exciting features that I will list below.

DSP Music Player Pro gives you more than ten different equalisers, so you can customise it to fit your style of music. Along with that, there are unique features that very few applications can do such as create a playback for any song. If you want to sing karaoke on the phone, just download the song with lyrics, this application will build you a quality soundtrack (of course it can not be the first playback).

Some mobile music applications only support MP3 and some other basic formats such as AAC or M4A. With this application, it will support the users to listen to music formats from basic to advanced. Current market such as PCM (.wav), AAC (.m4a .aac), FLAC (.flac), MPEG (.mp3), Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)

The same interface of DSP Music Player Pro is so basic that anyone can familiarise and control the music player. It has nearly 20 different themes; you can choose to fit your style, personality. The app is currently available on Google Play for $ 1. With just one bread, you will have a high-end music player, a simple interface just as many features are customizable.

Note that you do not need to add music to this application. Any file that supports it will be automatically added. If you do not want to do so, create a .nomedia folder and add the music you do not want the app to sync to automatically.

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