Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven APK (Update v1.0.6) Mod

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  • July 11, 2018
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Recently, Gameloft has introduced its new pet, Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven. This is a mobile game with the new ARPG role-playing genre that will definitely give gamers a whole new look at this genre. Especially, with the graphics platform is ranked the most current, perhaps this is Gameloft’s most anticipated game in the end of this year.

Dungeon Hunter is one of the most popular action-packed action genre games from the popular Gameloft publisher. Although it’s the 6th version, Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven still has the look and feel of a legendary Diablo-based platform. This is one of the very few games that allow players to perform continuous skills, dance and express themselves before the middle of the class and collect powerful weapons everywhere. A new point that users can not believe in their eyes is that after Dungeon Hunter 5, this series of games suddenly turns to a new turn when no longer ask gamers to buy the game on store instead of go. Follow the Free to Play model. This worries fans and asks if Gameloft’s once-popular games have been “downgraded” too lifelike MMORPGs that are sucking games out there.

But the publisher also seems to have the answer for himself, proving that the value of the game is kept intact through the latest version. Yes, that is Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven – the new ARPG has just officially offered the school’s first gameplay, showing 3D graphics and bloody gameplay the highest form on the mobile. Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven gives gamers a chance to familiarize themselves with a traditional ARPG style but seems to be borrowing a few elements from the Dark Souls series on PC/Console. In the first gameplay, you can see the protagonist is very easy to lose blood and often have to jump back and forth to avoid the blow of the enemy. Parallel to that, the character is constantly being stunned by enemies and causing different effects, causing the player to be much more cautious when fighting. This pushes Dungeons Hunter’s challenge: Curse of Heaven to a completely different level, requiring players to choose the attack time and not to mop the enemies up as they are too weak to fight.

Although there are many new points, fortunately, we still experience the best features from the old version as multiplayer mode, online mode, along with countless daily tasks, rows Weekly for players to easily get acquainted with the Dungeon Hunter style

In addition, Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven also allows gamers to challenge themselves at a higher level with the Portal system along the way. This system allows the player to activate additional missions, requiring the player to clean up the durable enemies and possessing abilities that outperformed the lackeys that you meet every day. Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven with a new style is receiving the great attention of the fans. Hopefully, in a day not too far away, Gameloft will bring this super product to mobile gamers. As soon as Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven is released, we will update the game download address to the reader as soon as possible.

For those who own a midrange or basic smartphone, Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is a great option. Dungeon Hunter 6 is compatible with many old devices thanks to the maximum amount of game content.

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