Emus4U App Installer (Download Tutorial)

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  • June 24, 2019
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At one time, jailbreaking was the way to get the content we wanted on our iPhones and iPads. These days that isn’t an option for many users, and there are thousands more who have never wanted to go down that route anyway. That’s why we have alternatives like Emus4U.

What is Emus4U?

One of the top Cydia alternatives, Emus4U AppStore, offers users a huge choice of apps and games, and everything is free. Inside the installer, you will find plenty of content that will never make it into the official app store simply because it is the kind of content that Apple will never support. What you will find in Emus4U are:

  • App Store Apps – These are official apps and games, found in the official app store. While some are already free, there are also plenty of premium apps and games completely free. 
  • Exclusive Apps – These are unofficial apps that Apple won’t allow into the app store. These include screen recorders with loads of great features, movie streaming apps, games emulators that could once only be found in Cydia, and a whole load more.
  • Tweaked Apps – Stock apps redeveloped, so they work much better and have more functionality. This includes apps like Instagram++, Spotify++, WhatsApp++, and many more.
  • Modified Apps – Some of the best-paid iOS games for free and others with lots of extras added and in-app purchases unlocked. Here, you will find games such as Minecraft PE, GTA, Last Day on Earth, and many more

If that isn’t enough, then there are plenty of other features on offer in this versatile installer. Not only does it offer support for Android and iOS devices, it has the best customer service of any third-party installer, is updated on a regular basis with security fixes and new content and it can even be customized to your taste. On top of that, you even get a screen recorder included and a way of easily removing junk and temporary files from your iPhone or iPad. It also works on all iOS devices and some Android devices too as well as Windows PC and Mac.

How Does it Work?

Emus4U App Installer is one of the simplest iOS app installers to use. Apple doesn’t support it for a number of reasons – first and foremost, it is an app store, which means it is in competition with the official app store. Second, it is packed with unofficial content and premium apps for free, something that could be considered piracy. And third, the developers use developer certificates to run the app. These certificates allow anyone who uses the app to use abilities that let them modify their devices. All this is without the need to jailbreak your or root your device. The best part, aside from it all being free, is that Emus4U is much easier to install than a jailbreak and is much safer too.

It can’t ever offer what a jailbreak does because it doesn’t need to go into the root of the iOS. And that is where the safety aspect comes from – it doesn’t leave your device open to malware, virus or any other type of threat. SSL encryption secures the app even further, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that your warranty is safe.

One of the main reasons why Emus4U is so popular is the games emulators but not needing a jailbreak is what makes it available to all users, is what provides all that great content for free.

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