Epic Cricket Mod APK v2.21 (Unlimited Coins)


Cricket is a ball sport is very popular in the community. However, in order to get a chance to play the game, people have to invest in lawns, clothing, and more. Today, in order to solve the fast-paced consumer demand, producer Nazara Game A game genre that simulates a Cricket game on a mobile device called the Epic Cricket-Big League Game.

Epic Cricket – Big League Game Mod APK v2.21 (Unlimited Coins) for Android

With a relatively simple gameplay, the player is a Cricket player. The purpose of the game is two teams taking turns, a service team and a polishing team. After all the players of the polishing team are eliminated, the team will switch to throwing the ball, and the other team will enter the field to become the team. When starting the match, a team of two people holds the stick in place. The two ends of a flat strip of land called the field bridge. Each of the three pillars of wood is plugged into the ground, there are two wooden ingots on top. The other team appoints a serviceman and some teammates are standing around waiting to hit the ball. In the match, there should be coordination between the servant, the stickman, the pitcher, while the ball is far away, the two have to run back and forth between the ends of the bridge. Each run is counted as one turn. The throwers must catch the ball back to the school grounds.

The two players continued to hit and run back and forth until one of them was thrown out by means of breaking the gagging ball while serving the ball, catching the ball from the cane hit when the ball has not touched the ground. The rules of the game are very similar to the reality of the game when the player has to make a leg up, the legs cover the ball and if the referee sees, will fine, to remove, not only to use the ball breaks the goal net while the ball is still running. Competitors in the Epic Cricket-Big League Game are the same players, they are also professional and talented opponents, which requires players not only to grasp the rules but also have the right tactics and techniques, the Ability to judge the direction of the ball, all need high accuracy

The development goal of the Epic Cricket-Big League Game is to give the player the most authentic experience, not only in high tech investment but also in the game. The whole stadium is full of excellent HD, the players are taken from the superstars of the world. Besides that, the sound quality is very impressive, is full Listen directly to the game. Highly rated sports game, players experience the feeling is a big star, international stature. Therefore, the game is not only suitable for sports enthusiasts but also the first choice of people want to improve the ability to know about Cricket. With the Epic Cricket-Big League Game, this is not just an online game, it’s a real stadium filled with cheering and cheering, tough moments, dramatic sensations, the sport is reproduced the most authentic.

Not too different from the real-life version, Epic Cricket Mod APK takes advantage of modern information technology, providing fast and convenient for consumers when running on. platform for smart devices. With the Android version, players can easily download games and games-related applications. Currently, the official version of the game is available on the Google Play apps store with full-featured features that are continually being updated to meet the needs of the market.

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