F1 Manager


Real racing game is one of the most exploited themes in the sports genre. It is both highly competitive and satisfying the passion of many people. Role-playing games, where players will be hand-held to the steering wheel to control and play with many other players in the world. That race is fascinating. It has become a lot of popular and experienced games. But racing games also have a different playing mechanism. The player does not officially control the car but becomes a professional manager. F1 Manager is such a product, offering a fascinating race from a driver’s perspective.

Official Formula 1® racing management strategy game

If compared to other gaming-oriented games, F1 Manager cannot be compared graphically. Because these games will show a very different perspective, focusing on describing real-life races and focusing on the gravity of speed. “F1 Manager” helps players join the race of riders under the perspective of an observer and reviewer. It is this that makes a difference with the design of parameters. “F1 Manager” will take all the parameters you need to keep track of your teammates displayed on the screen so you can gather information and compare with your opponent. It creates good conditions for you to realize the strengths and weaknesses to promote in the next race.

Recruit, compete, become a legend

The view of the game throughout the race is entirely different. Because you will follow the perspective of a manager, an analyst. While still closely monitoring the convoy and paying particular attention to cars belonging to your team, everything is still essential for a more general view. Players will consider everything from a third perspective from quite far away, can see all the cars moving below.

Introduced earlier, F1 Manager is a management game, so players do not need to participate in the race directly. You will participate in the game as a manager, but you can also call it a coach. In general, the 2 riders that you give to the track are the best you care for. The logistical and analytical battle is as fierce as the actual battle. Not to mention that F1 Manager really works according to the format of a professional F1 tournament. Everything in terms of tactics is applied, and your opponents are also tough. The two key elements of a successful race are the driver and the car.

First of all, all the famous racers in the race and genuinely designed vehicles are brought to the game most honestly. You will be allowed to summon the world’s best riders to your team and train them to continue to maintain their form or make further progress. A more critical factor is the promotion of the cars you own. Players can buy new components to make your car as robust as possible. Two upgrades should take place simultaneously to meet the maximization in speed and synchronization between the driver and their vehicle.

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