Fantasy Squad W APK (MOD Full)

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  • January 14, 2018
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You are walking the peaceful country road suddenly a monster rushed out and threatened his life. Next, what will you do to save yourself from the devil’s fangs and fists? Running is probably one of the most feasible, but it is best to stand back, pull out your sword and fight for the last breath. But with the condition that you have to join the Fantasy Squad W before and trained thoroughly before the battle. Just recently, the popular Japanese game maker Funple Stream released a new update called Fantasy Squad W for South Korea and Taiwan. Although in this market the game has not been officially released but has allowed pre-registered and promised to launch sometime in January 2018.

New roleplaying genre

Fantasy Squad W is part of the traditional RPG genre, but it will bring something new that you can not find in any other game. The game will contain a lot of characters, each character will carry different strengths, but they are classified as separate classes and skills are formed based on their characteristics. Each character not only has awesome shape but also wears armour that characterises their fighting style. Tankers will wear heavy, heavy and high-strength armour or gunners with slightly lighter armour, which will allow them to move continuously and with as much damage as possible. However, you still have to use your mind and tactics in team-mates and key moments to use important moves that can determine the game’s outcome.

Your opponents include small beasts and bosses so you can pass quickly and practice your skills. The level is one of the most important things in every game. Once you have acquired the necessary skills and the level is strong enough, you will face real horror. Great monsters with an entire legion, using powerful and infamous tactics to blow away your entire team. Maybe you will lose but peace of mind you still support all. Upgrading skills and equipment will make you not lose more than the terrible boss. As long as you have enough war experience and enough patience, eventually victory will be on the side of justice.

Graphics, sound

Fantasy Squad W will be based on the 2D graphics of the current Japanese game with the soldiers and scenery designed in the turbulent era. You will see the scene of fire everywhere, soldiers devastated, people miserable. Sound at the time of the hero, suited to the circumstances and mood of the player.

Sum up

Although Fantasy Squad W is just new pre-registration, if you want to play in advance try to find and download Fantasy Squad W APK. This is an interesting game to try. But there will be an advantage to playing pre-registered accounts that you will receive rewards when logging into the game as this is a gift to the publisher who gives the interested and enthusiastic support to them. Having fun.

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