Fate/Grand Order v1.24.0 (APK Mod)

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  • July 4, 2017
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It should be needed to know that in Japan, Fate/Grand Order can be considered one of the most successful mobile games. After released in 2015, Fate/Grand Order topped quickly the download chart on the AppStore and Google Play, as well as topping the Top Grossing chart. Not only Japanese people but also the gamers in the world are fond of this online game.

Fate/Grand Order v1.24.0 APK Mod download latest for Android

In the Fate/Grand Order, players will become a Master, step by step capturing the Servants into their team to defeat the dark forces who want to take over the world. The play style of the game is built in the quite distinctive style of cards. During the game, the player can combine the use of cards to give his Servants the chance to attack, even to combine the cards to give the character a special attack with the higher injury effect.

With the tactic is an important element in the play style, Servants are divided into different classes in a similar system of Hammer-Scissors-Paper. Saber is stronger than Lancer, Lancer is stronger than Archer, and Archer is stronger than Saber. Berserker is like a wild card while suffering double damage. The Ruler – the rarest class of the game – is the only Servant resisting damage from all classes except the Avenger. Avenger is a new class that is updated to help players fight against high-level Rulers. It is seen that Servant systems in the Fate are used for tactical play very well.

Compared with a mobile game, the graphics and sound of the Fate/Grand Order Android are really highlight. With the 2.5D style, but the combat in the game is extremely exciting with smooth animation, stunning effects, and lively sound. It can’t help talking about the scene when servants use their Noble Phantasm.

From Saber’s glamorous Excalibur to EMIYA’s dramatic Unlimited Blade Works, all are unbelievably beautiful. Definitely, NP moves can be not missed in FGO’s combat. With so many combined effects, many mobile devices will have trouble running the game, but in general, Fate/Grand Order Mod APK is showing up well on the Android operating system.

This product knows how to keep the player with a series of events and free gifts. Comes with a Servant summon system, similar to the Gacha system in many game trading cards. Using a unit called Saint Quartz, this is what mad masters plunge into the plowing process, with extremely attractive drop rates.

As usual, there are 2 Gacha systems, 1 is using Saint Quartz – available when plowing mission or buying with real money and 2 is using friend point – get in each match when choosing to support anyone who is outside the NPC. Of course, 3 or more Servants only drop at Gacha Saint Quartz.

Fate/Grand Order APK Mod Features

  • Reduce Enemy Attack power
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