Feelm Marry APK (MOD paid)


After a series of successful products such as Feelm Rosy, Feelm Polar, Feelm Classic … today the publisher of Studio Flat X brings us a new image filter called Feelm Marry. This is a romantic photo filter for those who are in love and want to keep the best memories they have. Feelm Marry is currently being sold on Google Play for $ 1 for the full version with over 10 different color filters. Let’s take a look at the exciting features of this latest gorgeous photography application.

필름 메리 – Feelm Marry is a photography application with romantic color filters, young and no less modern. This color filter is great for those who want to capture or edit photos that are as nuanced as a wedding and of course you can apply it to normal photos. After a week of release, Feelm Marry has received the attention of many users, especially the young people in South East Asia who love the youthful beauty of this country.

The main feature of the application is still the filter of the breath of youthful, romantic, which we often refer to as wedding photographs. Feelm Marry also offers users a variety of features including:

  • Adjust brightness, color temperature, saturation.
  • Crop photos.
  • Take a picture with a 3: 4 ratio, this is a golden ratio for portraits or selfie.
  • Capture photos and video with real-time effects.
  • Share your photos with friends via Facebook, Messenger, LINE.
  • Save images with the highest quality.
  • Edit some other elements of the image such as Shadow, Saturation, Sharpen.

In addition to these features, Feelm Marry still has some of the original functions that any imaging application must have. With Feelm Marry, you will be able to produce great photographs without the need for professional photo editing tools such as Photoshop. On initial launch, the application will require permission to have access to your Camera and Photo Albums. Please click OK to agree, otherwise the application may experience some errors while operating. Feelm Marry will not be able to use the APK file provided from outside because the developer has blocked this unauthorized provision. If you really want to use, you can download it from Google Play for $ 1.5.

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