Feelm Natura – Analog Filters (Update v1.0.6) Paid


Feelm Natura for Android is the third film filter of Studio Flat’s Feelm series. Feelm Natura for Android covers photos with a natural, sweet and clear shade.

Download Feelm Natura – Analog Filters APK v1.0.6 Paid latest for Android

Just opening up CH Play, you can search for hundreds of such apps, from free such as Camera 720, B612, Pitu, Beautify, Meitu Beauty Camera… to pay the fee like Palette Summer, PinkMoon, Pictail – BlueHawaii… Most of them contain a set of tools to fine-tune images with effects or emoji, fancy frames for users to freely change the image style as what they want.
Today, we would like to introduce to our readers a new camera app, which owns a unique, cinematic image filter named Feelm Natura for Android.
If you love Feelm Soda’s dreaming blue, definitely you won’t miss Feelm Natura for Android. This is the third film filter in the beautiful photography Feelm app released by Studio Flat.

Download Feelm Natura APK owns 10 beautiful image filters, giving the perfect natural feeling for each photo. They are suitable for taking pictures of furniture, books, landscapes, fashion…Using Feelm Natura for Android is very simple. You can either select an available image in the gallery or take a picture directly through the app by pressing the large circle button located in the center of the bottom of the main screen. Then, you can make any necessary changes. Similar to other apps having the same features, users just touch the desired filter to apply it to the image, adjust the brightness level or darkness by moving the small circle on the filter scale below the image to left or right.

As you can see, the photos editing via Feelm Natura for Android have natural, smooth, fresh color. It is easy to use and suitable for everyone. Feelm Natura for Android is now available for only $ 1, but you can download it for free by using the APK file we provide below.

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