Final Fantasy Explorers Force APK (English MOD)

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  • February 28, 2018
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Welcome to the magical world of magic. One child once had the sword and shield on him, wearing a cloak (of course a wooden stick, a cardboard, and a very long blanket) prepared to fight against it. The devil can rush through the wardrobe door anytime. Trust me if you experience the same feeling as me, then right now burning passion will make you cannot resist this game. Final Fantasy Explorers Force has been unveiled in Japan’s most popular game show, the Tokyo Game Show 2017.

Kabushiki-gaisha Sukuea Enikkusu Hōrudingusu is a Japanese-based game publisher and publisher of the e-gaming software. The company is known for its popular games such as the Final Fantasy series, the Dragon Quest series, and the Kingdom Hearts series. The success of the Square was marked in 2006 with the best developer award of the year on IGN’s Play Station 2 platform.

Despite its subtle magical colour, the basic game scene is still set in a medieval stronghold. In the first scene when entering the game you will see the players with me move around. They use stickers and emoticons to communicate quickly, there is times crowded hall to more than a hundred people standing at the same time. When entering the game, the most important stage is choosing the correct character for his most favourite character. For example, the publisher will have a powerful Paladin, always leading the battle as a primary attacker, or Dragoon, Monk, Bard, and Black Mage. One can not lack a supporter like White Mage buff regularly. The special thing here is that you can easily switch jobs between characters very easily.

Final Fantasy Explorers Force APK supports the virtual control buttons on the phone screen to help you control your character in combat very easily. On the left is where you can control the direction of movement of the character, and on the right is the attack command and 5 skills combined with the top map and the collapsed gadgets at the edge of the screen. Best of them is the task of destroying the terrible boss in a very short time of 5 minutes. But do not worry, you can invite more friends or get support from NPC assistant characters. After completing the quest, you can send a request to your friend before returning to the hall.

The game is meticulously meticulous with sharp 3D graphics and extremely rich weapons and armour sets. The moves are designed to show the strength and impact of it. The colour and eye-catching effects combined with battle soundtrack-based voices make the player unable to mute when playing Final Fantasy Explorers Force. In addition, the sound system in the game is also an indispensable highlight. The tracks are carefully selected by the publisher. Not only that, they are also represented by famous singers

Do not forget, there are plenty of great prizes for those who sign up for the pre-game experience. Be quick because of limited numbers. Specific information is available on the publisher’s homepage. Read the link below for a closer look. Final Fantasy Explorers Force APK will probably be released on ios and Android in Japan this year. When the game opens beta test closed beta will announce to gamers around the world known. Let us watch to enjoy this super on the phone as soon as possible.

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