Fleeing the Complex (Update v1.0.5) Mod Paid

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Fleeing the Complex for Android is a funny action game for mobile. You will have to make the right choices to help the guy who escaped from prison successfully under the strict supervision of the jailer. Somewhere in distant lands, where snow-capped mountains all year round the sea, one of the strongest and most deliberately guarded jail to keep dangerous prisoners. It’s The Wall Prison – the home of worst and most intelligent criminals from all over the world. And this prison received a new prisoner named Herry.

Download Fleeing the Complex APK/IPA v1.0.5 Mod Paid latest for Android/IOS

In the game, you play the guy who’s skinny guy Herry, made plans to escape the prison successfully. This guy will have to overcome many layers of security and careful guard of the guard. In each scene, you will have several options to pass the guard’s eyes or cross safely over the obstacle. Of course, each choice will lead to a different ending, which may fail or succeed. However, if you choose wrong, you have the opportunity to choose again to continue your journey. The choices that result in “FAILURE” will be more than success.

Basically, Fleeing the Complex has a fairly simple gameplay. You only need to choose the escape method, then see the skinny guy Herry do it. A new map feature that allows players to easily view any scene that you have experienced. In terms of graphics, Fleeing the Complex for iOS is designed quite simply with the “stick” guys, the main color is black and white. However, the game is still fascinated by the action results in humorous, interesting.

The highlight features of the escape game Fleeing the Complex for Android:
– There are 5 different endings
– 60 results failed
– A new map feature that allows the players to easily view any scene that you have experienced.
– Numerous medals for players to hunt

Fleeing the Complex APK Mod is the fourth installment in the popular series of games of the same type. Previous versions include Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond and Infiltrating the Airship.

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