Flip Skater (MOD, Money/Unlocked All)


Flip Skater – Miniclip is known as the publisher specializing in producing extremely interesting and fun sports games. Including them as Golf Battle, Flip Driving, Bowling King,… All of them have achieved great success. Many of these have truly re-enacted the most obvious sporting experience to the gamer. The next step in his development, Miniclip has moved to produce more varied titles of other sports. And recently, the company sent a preview of its new product – Flip Skater to users. With its incredibly hot skateboarding style, Flip Skater quickly won the hearts of players at first sight. Although not released, some images and features that Miniclip announced, can promise a very hot product are about to be launched.

Skateboard Like the Best!

According to the title of the game, surely the most obvious experience will be the skipping somersaults extremely beautiful. Players will be able to choose from any of the boards, using the skills and skills available to create slides. With a variety of areas and themes, gamers are comfortable to choose the best location. Flip Skaters are available in a variety of skateboards. Some of them will be available initially, but the rest will have to undergo new challenges and missions. The same areas of performance, only when completed the task or to the other screen can change. Flip Skater owns a variety of levels with a variety of skill requirements. Completing the game means that you are using the skills you have given the same perfect slider.

Flip Skater includes some basic skills such as flipping, forward, backward,… In each level of the game, players are limited to these skills. Only hard skills will not have many tries, and basic skills will be used many times. However, this requires the ability to manipulate and manipulate flexible moves to skateboard. The elevation will prove your ability to skateboard, but grounding is also important soon after. If you fall or do not move, the game will end and the player will have to play again. Each time a player takes possession of a certain amount of money, using it to buy and collect the sets will help make your inventory more diverse and beautiful. If you have your favorite boards, upgrade them then, the speed of the slide and the effect will be beautiful and the height achieved will be higher.


This is a very familiar feature of the product coming from Miniclip. The theme is extremely varied and beautiful, inspired by world-famous landmarks, giving the perfect and perfect space for experiencing. The effect is smooth and smooth, players will definitely feel more clearly in the game. Especially Flip Skater owns the game in the vertical direction, not the horizontal orientation as many other products. This supports quite well for the gaming experience, nor does it require players to use complex horizontal manipulation. The console is arranged neatly and neatly. Although it occupies a margin of the screen, thanks to its transparency still ensure the view of the player. m is extremely lively and authentic, the skateboard will make your mind more excited, cheery.


Flip Skater is a worthy board game. Thanks in part to the quality of Miniclip, in part because of its good idea. However, the game has not been officially announced and if you want to experience early, players have to register in advance. For a sports fan, signing up for a hot product is absolutely worth it. Please share with friends in the near future experience.

MOD: Unlock all maps, skateboards, characters, actions, coins, gems

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