Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK+DATA (Update v1.0.0)


In November every year, the global gaming community is eagerly awaiting SEA Football Manager Mobile and the next mobile version of the best-selling football game launched to the community of gamers around the world as Football Manager Mobile 2018.

Download Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK+DATA latest for Android/iOS

This is an unforgettable game for football enthusiasts and it’s like trying to take on the role of a great trainer. The PC version has been released before and it is widely regarded as one of the smartest and best graphics ever released. Football Manager Mobile 2018 will provide players with a wide variety of personality choices, including over 30 tournaments along 15 countries. There you will be able to freely choose the footballer into the team, optionally incorporating strategic ideas into the team. With more than 10 thousand football players with real-world simulation stats, players will have a lot of combinations in the team or tactics.

Basically, the mobile platform version is no different from the PC version. The new point to be in the game is the social networking feature called “Social Feed”. This feature will make it easy for you to find out about the lives and activities of the players and the team you are interested in. Or knowing how fans are feeling about everything going through the club. Another feature that Football Manager Mobile 2018 has improved over features of its predecessor is its imaging feature. This feature has been completed in the latest version, players can create 3D coach template by upload your own picture and the game will produce extremely impressive results there. After you upload your face, you can choose your hairstyle, hair color, body shape, costumes, … Moreover, the trainer that the player creates will appear on the game’s main screen, it contributes to the excitement of managing football.

In addition, Football Manager Mobile 2018 has two new modes of play: Fantasy Draft and Create Your Own Club. Fantasy Draft is a game mode that allows you to create a tournament with up to 32 teams and you can invite friends or other players to join or enjoy AI combat. In this tournament, you can adjust the amount to buy football players and turn on the transfer market to your liking. This is considered a mode that allows you to create tournaments far from real life. Not much different with Fantasy Daft, but Create Your Own Club is going in the direction of more challenge. You will create a team to participate in the real league system in the game and gradually bring the club into a new power of the world football.

Not only improved and added to the new gameplay features but graphics quality in Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK also upgraded much more. In short, Football Manager Mobile 2018 is still one of the most successful football management games and is a must-have for the end of 2017. Currently available for sale on the Google Play App Market and App Store for $9-10, but you can download it for free with the link we provide below.

How to install?

  • Download the APK and DATA files below that we provide install APK files (Choose unknown source if your device requires)
  • Unpack DATA by path Android/obb.
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