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Murder in the Alps v9.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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Murder in the Alps
App Name Murder in the Alps
Genre Adventure
Size 119.79MB
Latest Version 9.0.1
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 2.8/5 (9 votes)
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Murder in the Alps is a game built on the gameplay of Werewolves, but this is a version with realistic graphics that attract players.
Young people today are no longer alien to Werewolf - a game with interactive and famous With the ability to use inference to play exactly like a detective. With more than 7 or 8 players, each one has a different function, requiring you to use more logic. Each side must do their job well to win, but the real battle is in the silent, only played mainly in the evening, so the difficulty of the game is not small. Thanks to the fun and diverse role-playing, Werewolf will turn you into a professional "actor," creating a thrilling, thrilling and dramatic game. After a time of launch, Werewolf has really captured the hearts of players and is trending widespread all over the world. Murder in the Alps (MOD, Unlocked) Due to the success that Werewolf brings, gradually the puzzle game and inferiority asserted a position in the game world. Companies are starting to invest in products of this genre more, the first of which, cannot ignore Murder in the Alps - a title game not long ago Nordcurrent. If you look at the game in general, it will be quite similar to the Werewolf, but Werewolf requires human interaction, and Murder in the Alps asks for its reasoning and self-discovery. It is a difference to appear on the app store not long, Murder in the Alps has received the sentiment of the players, resulting in successful and confirmed the name for Nordcurrent. Murder in the Alps (MOD, Unlocked)


At a hotel located in a place in the Alps, you are Anna Myers - a reporter who is enjoying the holiday in the Alps will investigate the origin and the truth of the disappearances and killings in the same series of strange phenomena appear on the Alps. Your task is to find the killer among the mysterious, suspected people by the conversation. In the game, you will be suggested items and traces to find the mastermind. Each suggestion will require you to collect and look for different proofs, and there will be mysteries that you can not even imagine, so when playing the game use your inference to find the truth. Murder in the Alps (MOD, Unlocked) Also, while looking for witnesses and traces of the incident, you will be taken through beautiful and attractive locations in the Alps. However, these places can also be a place full of blood, so you do not shiver. At the moment, you will be able to examine the witnesses directly and solve difficult questions that when you know the answer, you can not believe it is so strange. All of them need a flexible brain with the ability to think highly of you and your logic. Murder in the Alps (MOD, Unlocked)


As a puzzle game, Murder in the Alps is not too meticulously designed, but also quite careful and invested. The plot of the game is the return to the history of the 1930s to decipher hidden in the case, so it is not strange design style is extraordinarily classic and familiar. The music is even and sometimes high notes that make the player feel the hidden things can break out at any time. This makes the game horror. If you are a thrill-seeker, love to investigate or simply want to know the mystery of Murder in the Alps, download, and experience the game, the thrilling moments and the dramatic cases. Welcome to this game.

Download Murder in the Alps (MOD, Unlimited money)

Download APK (119.79MB)
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