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Dan the Man v1.10.90 MOD APK (Unlimited money ) Download

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Dan the Man
App Name Dan the Man
Genre Arcade
Size 88.72MB
Latest Version 1.10.90
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 3.3/5 (44 votes)
Download APK (88.72MB)
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Dan the Man (MOD Unlimited Money) is developed according to the classic stage-by-screen combat gameplay. You will be the control of the main character of the fighting game, increasing your strength to be able to overcome different rounds with many challenges
A platform game with completely accessible gameplay and various modes that can easily attract players is Dan the Man: Action Platformer. Players will confront different enemies and easily defeat them with their skills. At the same time, besides the levels in the original mode, you can also find many more exciting new modes with absolutely impressive rewards. You also do not miss the events that take place in the game.


New elements that players can find inside Dan the Man are events and impressive costumes that are added as you complete the missions in this game. This event is called Golden Knight, a variation of the Survival game mode in the game. Precisely, you will control your character to defeat all the enemies that appear in front of you. They will involve running close to you, and their numbers are completely outnumbered. These enemies have an imposing appearance, and buying time in front of them is not a completely optimal solution as you will have to take them down in a certain amount of time. But the exciting thing is that you can increase this time by picking up in-game items. You can destroy some items in the game, and after that, the weapons and time will drop, and you can pick up and continue the level until the goal of the level is completed. Besides this event, the level system has also become richer that players will overcome many exciting challenges that anyone will enjoy. At the same time, besides the challenges, anyone is interested in items, and the most notable items for this event are the costumes of the warriors you face in the game like Golden Knight and Golden Knight Evil. So, besides discovering the campaign of the level, the events are also something that you should try.


In Dan the Man, players will see that the main character's village is having problems with strange enemies coming, and your job is to restore peace to your village by defeating them. It is a platform game, so you will spend your time overcoming challenges, collecting in-game items/money, and taking down as many enemies as possible. So this is an entirely accessible way to play for many players, and they will take the time to complete it. You'll be able to unleash powerful attacks and take on various enemies in the game, from minions to bosses. At the same time, there will always be challenges blocking your progress, such as unique terrains and enemies that can attack from a distance to avoid you jumping out of the puddle. Ranged weapons completely solve it, and you will need to save them. You can use up to two weapons and switch between them.


As mentioned above, players will overcome many different challenges, and the process of controlling the character is straightforward that anyone will approach. At the same time, picking up items is essential in this game because it supports you in the game screen, such as healing, providing weapons, and a significant factor that you will not ignore: the earned money you spend in this game. The more money you make, the more power you can upgrade your character. In the character change interface, you will find characters that you can own, and you can create your character from the available elements. At the same time, for those who participate in the game screen, you will spend time upgrading their strength, and the skill system is also wholly diverse. So, you will learn these skills through the description, and they will cost a corresponding amount of money that you will need to continue to earn later.


Besides the enemies you often encounter along the way, the problematic enemies in Dan the Man are still bosses when you reach a certain level. They will usually have an ultimately more significant appearance than the main character, but that should not be a reason to discourage players. Specifically, the bosses in the wall platform games have a specific movement and related weakness that you can take advantage of. As long as you dodge and continuously attack, the bosses will be defeated. Besides Campaign mode, players can also find other exciting game modes that are impressive and require a skill. Specifically, for Adventure mode, players will participate in levels with many obstacles that you will need to overcome and collect time points scattered throughout the environment. At the same time, Survival mode is similar to Golden Knight's gameplay, and you will take down various enemies that constantly surround you. The game also connects you with other players.

Download Dan the Man (MOD, Unlimited money )

Download APK (88.72MB)
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Iscott Tenny...
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sou totalmente poderoso!!!

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this mod works

Insane Mind
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In the entertaining 2D action game Dan the Man, we have to battle armies of enemies and bosses while improving our attacks and collecting power-ups. Its main gameplay involves a combination of avoiding enemies and precisely hopping from platform to platform. This game offers extraordinary gameplay and different game modes. We only need to press a small number of buttons during fight to carry out attacks and create a variety of combos that give each battle a satisfying and unique touch. We can even increase the effectiveness and damage of our strikes at the beginning of each level using the money we've earned in earlier levels, which is a wonderful incentive to gather as much of it as you can. Getting trapped by an enemy may result in impending death and need us to restart the stage, which for some may result in frustration. But overall it's a fun game to play.

Snider ;(
Just Updated

esta bueno el juego turip ip ip ip turip 🥵🤙

Just Updated

me encanta hackear juegos que jugaba antes 😎