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Idle World v5.5 MOD APK (Unlimited money, energy/Prestige unlocked) Download

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Idle World
App Name Idle World
Genre Casual
Size 91.51MB
Latest Version 5.5
MOD Info Unlimited money, energy/Prestige unlocked
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Rating 1.8/5 (5 votes)
Download APK (91.51MB)
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Have you ever wished to build a planet for yourself? Create life, develop natural elements like plants, animals and plan against natural disasters. Idle World will help you do these things simply. You just need to click to expand the land, click to unlock animals and people, create the world you desire. So what are you waiting for without experiencing it right away? Idle World (MOD, Unlimited Money)


When I first joined the game, everything was almost unavailable. You will start with nano atoms such as protons, neutrons, quantum Schaum, and so on. After a while, the matter that you accumulate will form objects, forming planets. If you are a science enthusiast about the formation of universes, then the beginning of this game will give you quite a bit of useful knowledge. Your planet will constantly generate energy. This energy source is like money units in other games. You will use energy to buy other materials to help your planet grow. Water, soil, plants, and microorganisms are the first factors that help your planet appear to be alive. When you start playing, your planet is just a blank, nothing. And after you buy the elements, they will appear on the sphere, at the same time creating more energy points in a unit of time. Please wait for more energy. Then use energy to buy more similar elements to continue to grow. Idle World (MOD, Unlimited Money) At some point, the human will appear. They will also grow if the natural conditions are suitable. The population report will appear at the bottom of the screen. This represents the level of life that your planet has. You colonize the planet, grow food, expand the land and water and don't forget to buy more animals!

Main features

Idle World has four main sections, including Creation, Preservation, Protection and Update for you to explore. In it, the first part is: Creation provides you with the essentials to help you grow the planet to become richer and more diverse. Preservation helps you maintain the elements that the planet has. Protection provides elements such as ozone layer, or atmosphere, to help protect our planet from natural disasters. And finally the Update section. Here, you will upgrade the elements to become more quality, while increasing energy fertility. Idle World (MOD, Unlimited Money) However, the above 4 processes require you to have a lot of energy. You can use speed X2 items to get faster energy or pay blue diamonds to use lucky spin and get a chance to get other valuable items. However, blue diamonds are very scarce and you cannot create from your planet. You can only get them by buying cash or watching ads videos.


As you can see, "Idle World" graphics are built on a 2D platform and are set in outer space. In the middle of the screen is a planet and elements on the planet that are constantly moving, creating interesting things. In other "Idle" games of the same genre, you won't find this with special lighting effects. Although the graphics of this game are quite simple, you will like the art space it brings.

Download Idle World (MOD, Unlimited money, energy/Prestige unlocked)

Download APK (91.51MB)
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