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Cytus II v4.8.0 MOD APK (N/A) Download

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Cytus II
App Name Cytus II
Genre Music
Size 66.96MB
Latest Version 4.8.0
MOD Info N/A
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Rating 4.3/5 (15 votes)
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Entertainment needs are indispensable for each person, and it has become a vital part, especially in today's society. People are facing more and more pressures than that, so there needs to be away for a person to release those stresses. Among the dozens of ways that were invented for entertainment, there are several popular ones, for example, listening to music and playing games on smartphones. But there is a way that players can both play games while listening to music at the same time is to play music games. qeWqUV0xEDx2nvcVmVDYHx0hIbC1m3lLfnAN1_sRXN4C5JIxv-D5aMn8kKYEXQDlRg=w1000 (1000×562) The music-themed game genre is not a strange thing; there have been so many released in the past. Among them, there is a critically acclaimed game Cytus produced by Rayark International Limited that was a global craze. After many years, finally, the second part of the game was released as Cytus II for players to experience. In this part, many specialties and the familiar that players have witnessed in part one of the game. The game succeeded in following the success of the first installment and became a popular name among many players. ssQ_3zRUgbeJxr99ryJSFKr6hhgblIAfbyQyVW3t628NZX1MShGHYl8PBQW0nb4MhQ=w1000 (1000×562)

The unique "Active Judgement Line" rhythm game playstyle

The setting of the game takes place in the future, where a human is no longer a human, but only a dry soul. Here, the real world and the virtual world are combined, and the human soul has been turned into data streams on the internet. Humans will now live in a world of the internet, and this doesn't seem to be the world people dream of. In this world, there is only one tool to save people that is music, which is used as a source of water to rinse people's arid soul. nqklXgLEE1PCCl6qo5p5w7_R6xxqGrgG33099PPpZRKhP2ayGhpX7ij_6L__wibQ9sc=w1000 (1000×562) There is a legendary DJ who made a lot of songs and used them to save humanity. That person's name is Æsir, but no one has ever seen his real face before. So for the first time in his life, Æsir decided to hold a gigantic concert and appear in public. But before the show started, Æsir went missing, and no one knew where and why he was arrested. Players will play the role of a DJ to find out about the mystery surrounding this incident and continue Æsir to rescue humans. That is the plot of the game, but the player does not need to relate to it but can still play the game normally. XYOXOJ8CiJZueLPFFxm3S0oTR_1AvQe-poNwje_dXq4bKwJV77vFGW5l7eHNtByCfg=w1000 (1000×562)

Many DJs with many different songs

In this game, there is not only one DJ for players to choose from, but there are many others for players to use. In other music games, the songs will often be included in the same playlist for players to choose from. But for this game, things are not like that, but they will be divided into many different playlists belonging to other DJs. Each DJ will have a list of different songs for players to choose from and play. The first thing that players need to do is unlock those DJs to listen to their music. Up to now, more than 50 songs included in the game for players to listen to and experience them. FQ43jYR_Vs9doUtaiaWKOKERt_OW7F87FJY1hFkC7XgFIUfFTn5h470GHoXonZ2sf8Y=w1000 (1000×562)

Quick reflexes

If the player wants to finish this game well, the player's reflexes and the ability to feel the music is indispensable. The higher the score, the speed of the track will increase, and it will be more difficult for players to complete the game. Players need to get used to the game and gradually improve their abilities to achieve high scores. The game is still designed in the style of touch and swipe, so it is not too difficult for players to get used to the game. All that players need to do is touch and swipe on the screen, but it will require more than that to get a high score. 8cmaNyFMBsikggqApzFS6C05MWXmS41drlFOW87bj3ekMux8c5mVs_zjXOjeOqfjU98=w1000 (1000×562)

Diversity of maps

If players have experienced similar games, surely they already know that those games only have one or a few toy maps. But for this game, the number of toy maps has reached 150 different stages for players to experience for themselves. Although there are only over 50 songs, with many such stages, players will have a lot of combinations with different experiences. This will bring new and unique experiences continuously for players to enjoy.

Download Cytus II (MOD, N/A)

Download APK (66.96MB)
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Cytus II!


包括街機我玩過不下十款的音樂遊戲 雷亞做音樂遊戲真的沒話說 以往的音樂遊戲都是想到就開來玩 雷亞的音樂敘事手法讓玩家玩得更欲罷不能(deemo同理 以虛擬社群網站網友們的留言和角色間對話的創新方式 慢慢了解Cytus的世界觀 每個角色的故事都很精彩 會想看到劇情的後續不停地玩 隨著劇情的發展會陸續解鎖新歌 玩著玩著也能享受到越玩越強的成就感 ------------------------------------ 最近玩完初音曲包 對初音本身另眼相看外 故事超令人感動 想給十顆星…


[email protected]₩@


作為一名音樂愛好者,對於音樂遊戲有著出乎尋常的喜愛。 平常休息日無聊,電玩房的大型音樂台機就是我經常關顧的地方,諸如:maimai、舞立方、piu、E舞、djmax等等。 但畢竟音樂機台並不是天天都能碰到的,那麼音樂手游便成了我消耗碎片時間的首選遊戲。 在下落式玩法的音樂遊戲如同雨後春筍般鋪天蓋地的出現時期,這個時候有另類玩法的音遊定是十分令人好奇的。 除去眾多下落式玩法的音遊,我接觸的第一款是osu,第二款便是Cytus了。 如果說遊戲的核心玩法相當於人類的大腦,那麼美術就是一個人的長相,肩負著門面擔當的重責。 最近新發布的Cytus II,美術效果不論是比前作還是與市面上的其他音樂手游相比較都有著不可否認的出色。動態的選擇界面、搭配界面出現的彈幕、細節豐富的點擊特效。 作為一款有故事背景的音樂遊戲,如何巧妙地展示其劇情也是這款遊戲令人感到亮眼的地方。 當玩家對章節角色進行升級之時,“iM”的公眾社交系統與“OS”的私人社交系統就會有若干內容進行更新。有前者類似於論壇跟帖形式展現的,也有後者如同小說對話、信件、文字聊天等方式的展現。對於劇情黨和收藏向的玩家來說,這可謂是不小的打歌的動力來源。

Hello My Name G


JuSt Xaq

my god this game so perfect


從某個ipad上一個名字都忘記了的app上,敲著最炫民族風開始接觸手機音遊的我。 本來可以說是沒什麼資格對音遊發表評論的。 簡單的沒難度,難度大的打不過,又不願意反复練到完美。 cytus1和deemo都靜靜的躺在我的手機裡。 尤其是deemo,我實在是愛死了那個大樹一點點生長,產生了感情卻又要選擇割捨的劇情。 這次按照慣例收cytus2表示敬意的時候,裡頭的IM系統真的驚艷到了我。 社交網絡一樣的設定用類微博更新的方式將數個角色的經歷人生非常簡單的推到了我們的面前。 發專輯的愛豆,從太空返回的太空人…… 插畫與曲風可以說是相得益彰,給人的感覺猶如《冰與火之歌》的POV寫法。 通過一首首的歌曲和IM中的推進,離角色更近一點,更了解一點。 屬於他們的曲目的變化,似乎也扣著角色的經歷。 如果說桐生一馬的“不愧是雷亞”獻給了cytus2一如既往的高水平音樂, 而我的“不愧是雷亞”則是獻給了cytus2這獨特的表現形式。 用音樂講故事 讓一個對音遊不太有感覺的人,湧起了通關的衝動。


Best Rhythm Game Ever!!!


I love mikuu