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Dancing Road

Dancing Road v2.6.2 MOD APK (Unlimited coins, heart ) Download

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App Name Dancing Road
Genre Music
Size 123.01MB
Latest Version 2.6.2
MOD Info Unlimited coins, heart
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Rating 4.3/5 (16 votes)
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The real arcade games still won the hearts of many players even when it had a straightforward operation mechanism and lack of appeal of the action phase. However, it is a huge advantage when the publisher can take on newer devices for testing without fear of following any rules. The variety and bright colors are always enhanced, making it possible to attract players from different backgrounds. You can be an older person or a kid who can experience games with a simple mechanism like this. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! is one of the names that are being paid the most attention. Also, with the running mechanism, it added a lot of different elements to make the game different from other products of the same category. Not to mention that the manufacturer has used a combination of colors and music to create a rather attractive environment. As a result, it has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and received a lot of support from players worldwide for other products of the same manufacturer. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! (MOD, Lives/Money/AD-Free)

Running - Hopping - Sliding Ball Game!

AMANOTES has owned more than 30 games; often, those products use the play of many famous games in the world to remake. Thanks to that, it has enjoyed the popularity of many different brands. If you are too used to popular products, try a little new feeling that AMANOTES blew into their game. A fresh wind is definitely the necessity when you test entertainment products that tend to change like this. For Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!, Players will witness one of their most successful products to date. Basically, this game uses a lot of different combination elements to bring a distinct attraction to yourself. Temporarily not considering the gameplay, we will take a look at the appeal of its graphic design and sound. First, the game uses one of the most familiar elements that is the ball. The balls possessing many colors continually appearing in the match stimulated the curiosity of players around the world. Moreover, the ball can be customized with much different gameplay. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! (MOD, Lives/Money/AD-Free) Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! succeeded in integrating many different elements intermingling in the game. The most apparent effect is that it contributes in part to raise the difficulty level of a stage. Moreover, music plays a vital role in the game, becoming much more attractive. Most of these genre games are built on separate soundtracks, often monotonous and repeating sounds. However, "Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!" Use the world's most popular music tracks at the present time to appeal to more music lovers. You can see that it uses incredibly diverse data of EDM songs in particular and songs that have a vibrant rhythm in general. In addition, the sound of interactive balls is also designed in a very subtle way. These sounds can be heard in the same way as the songs being played right in the game. In fact, these two elements blend together, making every game a once-in-a-lifetime concert with the color of the sound and the enthusiasm of the player. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! (MOD, Lives/Money/AD-Free)

Simple gameplay

As mentioned before, Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! really use a straightforward approach to the player. Only taking advantage of the physical properties of the spheres to create gameplay. When you enter the game, you will be allowed to control a ball with a fixed color. It's the color you own to decide what you have to do next minute. Basically, you will have to touch other balls of the same color as you are allowed to continue moving forward. If you reach the balls of the same color, you will have to stop at that moment. Your ball will automatically move forward, and the player has control over its movement to the left or right. Just touch the screen and swipe in the direction you want, the ball will move exactly as you interact. The path in the game will have three different lanes, be careful to be able to touch the balls of the same color. After a certain period of time, you will pass a temporarily broken line. The line will have a color that every time you touch it, the ball will be converted to the same color as it is. So, the gameplay will constantly rotate; if you don't focus, you'll probably have to stop playing as soon as the ball changes color.

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Download APK (123.01MB)
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這個遊戲很棒! 不會有很多廣告。 當你播放解鎖歌曲時,才會出現廣告。 這可能不是真的,但玩起來會非常爽快,配合色彩的衝擊與變換,音樂的節拍。