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Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3 v3.3.693 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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Download APK (125.55MB)
App Name Car Eats Car 3
Genre Racing
Size 125.55MB
Latest Version 3.3.693
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Rating 3.7/5 (3 votes)
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If you were watching the movie Monster Truck (2016), you would have imagined if a monster car would be terrible. Are you passionate about speed or not? Do you want to challenge yourself with the most dangerous obstacles in the world? If so, then Car Eats Car 3 is a perfect choice for you. In less than a week, this game brought back the producer SMOKOKO GAMES a mass download up to 500000 times. So, this is an exciting and rewarding option to play in your relaxing hours. Car Eats Car 3 (MOD, Rubies/Fuel) You will have the opportunity to control a monster truck that only eats and destroys the city. But there are police forces who always guard the town so they will follow your footsteps. Your task is to fight the police, and even the civil cars dare to stop your journey. Do not expect to have a chance to turn your head into a right person, trying to free as many vicious friends as possible to accompany you.

Vehicles - Unlock vehicles and drones!

Car Eats Car 3 will give you a lot of cars to play so you can rest assured that will not be boring. As much as you can, you will gain many achievements and bonuses to unlock them. Each car has its skills to explore, the more expensive the car, the stronger the power, so calculate to buy slowly or save money to equip yourself with a car expensive. Also, you can upgrade your old car to get stronger and participate in the race in the game. The necessary parameters such as armour, turbo, speed, and damage will be your target. Car Eats Car 3 (MOD, Rubies/Fuel)


Discover new skills with a missile launcher, freeze ray, magnet, bomb generator and EMP emitter
Later, the challenges become more difficult and harsher than ever. That's why designers add powerful game items and features to help you get essential tools through stages. These skills have their cooldowns and power levels so you can accurately calculate the cases you need to use. The process of completing your task will be faster than seeing it. And one of the weapons I like the most is Boom, using them to blow away all enemies that dare to block your way with just one move. That feeling cannot be described; you can only try to understand. Car Eats Car 3 (MOD, Rubies/Fuel)

Explore - Various environments and special missions

Designers have deliberately added to the various environments and difficult tasks you can demonstrate your competence. Whenever you go for a long distance, the background will gradually change, making you feel like you are driving a real car through many strange lands and visit the beautiful scene never known. Besides the tough tasks that you have to overcome but if successful then the reward for you will be worth it.

Challenge your friends - Graphics

You will be allowed to send your challenge to friends and show them who is the better player. Also, you know how much your skills have improved to keep up with your training and development. Unlock achievements and become # 1 in leaderboards. The graphics quality of the game is quite high. It still retains the style from earlier versions. Owning a cartoon style, the game makes fun, comfortable for everyone. Car Eats Car 3 (MOD, Rubies/Fuel)

Sum up

Car Eats Car 3 - Evil Cars Mod a free and easy-to-play game. You just have to control the car with two virtual buttons and "pretty much" another function button to increase the power and take advantage of the race. So, I recommend that you download this game once and enjoy its cute graphics despite the evil car theme. I wish you have fun.

Download Car Eats Car 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download APK (125.55MB)
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