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Baseball 9

Baseball 9 v3.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds, Stamina ) Download

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App Name Baseball 9
Genre Sports
Size 194.35MB
Latest Version 3.1.2
MOD Info Unlimited diamonds, Stamina
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Rating 3.7/5 (84 votes)
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BASEBALL 9 (MOD, Unlimited Gems) will bring players the quintessence and art of baseball thanks to its lovely graphics and humorous gameplay with in-depth development.
If you are a baseball fan, you should not miss this fantastic Baseball 9 game as one of the best baseball games today; the game developed by Playus Soft creates an entirely new feeling of baseball compared to other games. Furthermore, with arcade-style, players can play endless sports in this basketball match. Along with the movement and easy controls, this game will surely satisfy all players.


This baseball game is considered the most famous baseball game today. Although the game is created following the current player's trend, the game has become an entertaining medium for players' mood days. Baseball 9 is a free, lightweight game that allows players to install it on their devices freely. Along with easy controls, the game is quite friendly for many players. However, if gamers are familiar with the previous versions, they can notice the game's greatness. Besides, players when participating in this game will meet many talented baseball players with skillful and extremely charismatic techniques. Coming to the game, you will be trained and upgraded with your weak skills and have many opportunities to practice becoming a baseball champion. Enjoy a fast-paced, realistic baseball game featuring compact gameplay and informative stats given. In addition, the characters with great graphics will be impressive for you.


This basketball game allows you to play 1vs 1 through a high enough net for you to play. To perform combat, you need to control thoroughly through each ball. With great gameplay mechanics, players can equip and upgrade their skills to develop them into the world's most legendary expert players. In addition, Baseball 9 offers a simple layout but serious game mechanics with a huge amount of practicality. Advance into the playoffs and win to promote for a higher league. Players enjoy entertaining moments with light matches. With easy movement and controls, you're sure to enjoy hours of baseball fun. Online baseball matches take your sports skills to many amazing cities and locations. Coming to the game, you will be able to customize your baseball character according to your way and change the details of the character—a simulation game based on real match stats. In addition, players also improved Autoplay with automatic player selection, alluvial sedimentation, see results quickly.


It's great to play and compete with your friends. Your responsibility is really huge, and you need to face it, but you have to cooperate perfectly with the other team members if you want to win. To build and establish yourself a favorite baseball team. However, you also need to pay attention to the cooperation and coordination among the team members. Come up with the most effective strategies to overcome stronger teams together. Baseball 9 allows players to name the team they think is the best match and match. You can upgrade your team to improve your strength, speed, and agility in matches with teams. In a game, each team member can be switched. This is important if the player has previously been dehydrated. Dehydrated players will lose their amount faster, and they will have difficulty breaking between teams. Playing with many people, you can add and gain more experience for yourself. Take care of your team to fight together to advance to higher levels.


Baseball 9 gives players a lot of great content to experience. In addition to the benefits that you get from the battles, watching ads every day and logging in is also a way to help you make a lot of money. Winning matches will reward you with in-game cash. This money can be used to buy new stones, jerseys, and other accessories for your team. It can also be used to train and upgrade your players to help them play better. After each winning game, you will receive a bonus amount. In addition, those items also help you overcome complex challenges and quickly rank up in the game. As long as you confidently pass all the game's missions, your reward will be greatly doubled. There is no limit to your influence on your team, and you can hit the ball, recruit new players and turn them into pros and even reach legendary players. If everyone had a love for this baseball sport, please choose this game to fulfill your passion. With great gameplay, diverse game modes, players are always discovering many features and meeting the top Casual characters. The game is more impressive when you play with your friends and quickly install the game to realize your baseball passion right away. What a perfect baseball game.

Download Baseball 9 (MOD, Unlimited diamonds, Stamina )

Download APK (194.35MB)
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Need to add unlimited resources like badges and xp drinks

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Juan Vasquez
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wonderful game but please put a multiplier when purchasing Normal EXP it takes to long to buy,I got to press for long periods of time and it's annoying, please multiply EXP purchase by a max of 1000

@gmail soy g...
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lo mejor de lo mejor sigan a si enserio

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muy bueno