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Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 v4.3.4 MOD APK (Unlimited money ) Download

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Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2
App Name Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2
Genre Strategy
Size 90.69MB
Latest Version 4.3.4
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 3.5/5 (4 votes)
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Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 stimulates your fighting ability with tough medieval battles.
The medieval strategy genre is currently a strong trend and is widely used to give players the fierce, tense, and overwhelming feelings of ancient battlefields. Moreover, many games combine with elements of fantasy or mystery, making the content more prosperous and more impressive for players to explore. One of those games is Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars 2, developed with the essence of the real-time strategy genre to immerse players deeply in the most heroic battles. Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2


Battle Seven Kingdoms was developed with a new generation tactical gameplay style, so it is a perfect combination of many of its essence. When players come to the game, they will feel the offensive atmosphere of war, and from there, decide on which faction they are interested in to begin bloody expeditions. The game will simultaneously introduce seven different countries or factions, with each function and development system separately, making the game more lively and content-rich than ever. Besides large-scale battles, players must focus on developing their army and faction and researching and creating new combat units to increase the odds of victory. Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2


The control mechanism of the army in this game is simple and easy to manage, giving the player full control over the entire army and their departure. Moreover, the combat mechanism is simple; that is, the player needs to spawn many different units on the battlefield. Then, they will automatically target the enemy and attack the nearest ones. However, spawning units consume resources, which the player can either recover over time or destroy enemy units. Based on how troops spawn, players can build a perfect squad and constantly adapt to dangerous situations. On top of that, the task of each battle is simple, which is to destroy the enemy's base with an impressive performance. Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2


The army upgrade and research system in Battle Seven Kingdoms are endless and vivid, even presenting a special difference between the various factions for players to explore and expand. When players win battles or complete special activities, they will receive special upgrade points. Through that, they can invest in a reasonable upgrade system and thereby develop useful talents for each combat unit and help them become stronger in the next battle. Furthermore, the army research system will help players evolve everything while unlocking new units to maximize potentials in the expedition. Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2


During huge battles, players will have access to a wide range of special skills that can affect the entire map or in a large area. Those skills are varied and can be chosen to carry around before starting a fight, and their performance is excellent but requires a long cool-down time. Of course, players can upgrade those battlefield skills while upgrading the side effects they bring to the enemy. In the future, players can depend on environmental factors and the surrounding climate, thereby choosing skills that are effective and have a great influence on the enemy to bring glorious victories.


The battles between the seven kingdoms will continue to occur from time to time, and players inevitably have to fall into different positions to win. Therefore, the game will introduce many different gameplay styles for players to enjoy, making the player's gameplay experience richer and exciting. As the player moves further into dangerous lands, new enemies will appear; even many legendary creatures will become bosses and create many impressive activities for players to explore and earn many good rewards.


A virtual battlefield would not be complete without vivid and realistic graphics or effects. So, Battle Seven Kingdoms nailed it and promised to bring players the best quality graphics and visual effects, giving players a strong impression of an ancient battlefield. Besides, the design in the environment and surroundings of the game makes everything more immersive and brings the unique style of each of the seven different countries for players to admire and explore its beauty. Battle Seven Kingdoms is a great real-time strategy game full of potential to bring players countless most impressive battles. Moreover, the game always has many exciting online activities to attract more players, creating opportunities for people to become more creative in tactics and build the most powerful army in a fantasy world.

Download Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 (MOD, Unlimited money )

Download APK (90.69MB)
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It is very simple but yet complicated game. It is your tradrional card game where you select the units you want to have on the battle to fight. Your goal is to destory your enemy's base and not get yours destoryed. You can set up and cuztomize your army, updgrade them and upgrade your castle(base). Ads are not invasive at all, you can watch them if you want free keys to open boxes but this is totally optional so you will not have problem with game forcing you to watch the ads. Although this game look simple if you play more and more, you will notice the dev put alot of work in each characters and their animations. I have finished the game story line in 4 hours and Its making me play from stage 1 again but it is alot harder so I think this is a never ending game. Another plus point is this is offline game so when you don't have internet or just don't want to use data or wifi you can spam your troops and cause chaos here.


good game and simple but not that simple