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Gladiator Heroes is a mobile game with colorful 3D animated graphics and role-playing game combining Clash of Clans tactic. This game will definitely satisfy you. Participating in the Gladiator Heroes, players play the role of a king at the head of the empire with the task of building, managing and defending the territory as well as conquering the world, expanding territory. Accordingly, gamers must build works like gladiator academies to train Roman gladiators, and create weapons, furniture, and equipment for the character.

Gladiator Heroes APK v1.8.0 Mod download latest for Android

It must be said, Gladiator Heroes APK Mod inclines towards strategy games in the form of Clash of Clans. Therefore, the game also encourages players to create a powerful empire and bring to invade other territories. There are three main types of building that need to be upgraded and built in the game: Resources, Gladiators, and Ganeral. When your empire develops larger, your gladiators and weapons will also become stronger, more valuable. Gladiator Heroes is built with colorful 3D animated graphics, the shape of the character is the first warrior simulated nice and funny, lovely rather than the bloody that you often see in the movie “Gladiator”.

The battle maps in the game will be the ancient Roman arena, where players are free to drop troops and arrange the starting positions for the boxers before starting to plunge into the enemy.
Each calculation and position of each character and the ability to fight down will help you win the final victory. Players will fight in many impressive places such as the hot desert to snow-capped mountains year-round. In addition to the regular PvE mode, Gladiator Heroes also brings PvP mode where you can face with friends or challenge other players around the world.

Gladiator Heroes for Android new features

Weekly Events: You have to try your best to win every combat in the new Events! Unbelievable rewards await you at the end!
New game mode – “Rounds”: Combat against enemy waves. If your gladiators fall in battle, you will be able to take the place of them between rounds.
Consumables: Strength potions, books of experience, training boosts…
A new building – “Storehouse”: Store and review your consumables here.
Progression menu: Now you will see the levels that your gladiators improve their skills and appearance.

Gladiator Heroes APK Mod features:
Click Speed X2/Anti Ban

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