Granular Immersive Mode APK (Update v0.1)


Granular Immersive Mode is Rascarlo’s best custom screen app for $ 1.14 on the market for Android and iOS mobile applications. This is the application that helps you to improve the display as you want in the best way. For more information on its benefits, let’s find out immediately the section below.

Download Granular Immersive Mode APK (Update v0.1) latest for Android

When you download the Granular Immersive Mode, you will be able to adjust the phone interface to become wider than ever. Unnecessary or unused applications, you can let the mode sink and from there create a spacious screen, more comfortable. Not just for apps, status bars, or navigation on the screen, do you think it’s completely fixed? No, you can hide the status bar and navigation. Background or unnecessary applications can also be set to immersive mode, Granular Immersive Mode activates the real-screen interface on your device.

Widgets are also extremely fast with Granular Immersive Mode and this app runs well on devices running Android Nougat or more. To run this application you must license the application on the device by granting permission at Write_Secure Setting, from which set up the security system including priority use the system of this application to read (no enable write enable). The access required by this app is only granted to system applications. If an application is not a system application, it will not be able to use this permission, it is licensed only once, so you need to agree and this right will be updated with new versions of Granular Immersive Mode. You can also revoke Granular Immersive Mode access at any time.

Users can allow applications to run with administrator privileges or grant application program entries. There is another way to use the official Android ADB package to authorize this useful personalized screen personalization app, download this useful personalized screen app by downloading Granular Immersive Mode APK below the link below.

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