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Grid Autosport can be the best and most engaging racing game ever on a mobile device. The best and most interesting thing that the manufacturer gives us is their pet, Grid Autosport will have everything that console versions on PC or PS4 and XBOX have. Talking about racing games, we can mention Need For Speed of VIP EA or Asphalt 8 of Gameloft. However, it would be a shame not to mention the publisher of Codemasters. They are one of the major publishers specializing in producing racing games that have different shades and flavors, and the Autosport Grid is one of them.

Grid Autosport APK is not just a regular racing game; instead, the manufacturer makes the game more balanced in terms of simulation, with the appearance of new management and a variety of different racing modes, the game brings a very interesting experience for race fans. After years of lay down the law on various systems such as PC, XBOX 360, PS3 … then the developer Codemasters has officially launched the mobile version of the game with a name is Grid Autosport. But perhaps the most interesting thing that many gamers would expect is that it will have all the cool features that console versions of the GRID have.

The first point that we can not ignore that is the graphics. Grid Autosport is a game built with the latest 3D graphics platform, which can be compared to or more than the awesome games of Gameloft and EA. Besides spinning around supercar models that are meticulously crafted to detail, the high gloss on the paint, then the game and pay attention to the physical interactions. More specifically, just have the collision on the racing track, your car will be not same the original look, they can be scratched or distorted. And, of course, the effects of scratches are just as bad in real life.

In terms of gameplay, most racing games have a similar play and Grid Autosport is not an exception. You can join the race on 20 different routes in famous cities. It can also be racing in the city, sometimes bank robberies or alcoholic get together to race cars at night. The plot in the Grid Autosport is unique and has many interesting situations.

However, Grid Autosport for Android will give the player a role as a teenage boy is going to reach adulthood. He dreams of becoming a street ruler with expensive supercars, you start an unauthorized racing career with a crappy bike that crosses many paths with the pursuit continuously of police and beat the gangsters to take over the dream supercar. Of course, if being caught, you have to start over.

As the name implies, Grid Autosport includes dozens of racetracks with many different tournaments held on a large scale around the world. At the start of the game, gamers will get used to the controls that touch the sides of the screen. Alternatively, you can change the driving way by accessing the settings in the main menu to choose the tilt or swipe left / right to move the supercar. In any mode, the “steed” in the Grid Autosport is also designed with automatic acceleration. But do not forget to try to take the fuel tanks that appear on the way to recharge for a massive boost.

Grid Autosport APK Key Features

  • Sound effects, physical racing mechanism, and realistic graphics
  • A lot of sports cars and beautiful racing circuit
  • Two modes of Career and Driver Test
  • Upgrade, paint the car color according to your preference

Due to the design is so sophisticated and beautiful, so Grid Autosport also quite picky types of active equipment. The minimum configuration required to play the game is RAM: 2.0GB, GPU: 512MB, with 3GB of free memory. This could be a nightmare for mid-range phones, but that does not stop there, and the game is sold for up to $ 10 on the Google Play app marketplace and the App Store. Understanding this, we provide players with .apk and .ipa files extracted from devices that purchased this game. Readers can download and install it right on their respective device.

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