Happy Mall Story: Sim Game (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)


You love the construction of large commercial centres because it looks very luxurious. You feel you can handle the big money trading and you are wondering what game to choose for leisure in your spare time. Happy Mall Story: Sim Game is guaranteed to be a new amusement space for everyone, of all ages. This is a new environment where anyone can own a large shopping mall, especially kids who love shopping can enjoy playing at home without parents worrying about bothering their children. because no one plays together.

Design your own mall

Players are given an empty space for you to build the store. In addition, there is a female character named Isabelle, who guides her players when they first join the store building, where to get the ingredients and remind you of important notes. Pay attention to the amount of money you have to spend to buy items, maybe they will not bring much profit for you so players can ignore it, choose an item for sale. If successful, then the number of customers coming to your store will increase rapidly. When there is a certain chain of stores, the player should hire helpers like Isabelle, at a higher level so that she can help you expand your market.

You just touch the icons on the phone screen to make purchases with people. Your customers can shop for drinks, take pictures and choose other things to do. Therefore, try to arrange the shelves in order to control all the activities that are happening in your shopping centre. The amount of gold and diamonds you collect will be displayed at the top of the screen so that the owner can use the money to buy equipment to upgrade the shop in the store.

Interface and graphics

Bright colours combined with live sound are what players see most clearly. Space is built in the game as a miniature mini supermarket with many different booths such as bakeries, toy shops, traditional eateries … all arranged in a systematic way for customers to have. Can move faster. Players can capture some memories of your achievements to share with other players, discuss how to upgrade the system and help each other develop. In addition, Happy Mall Story also allows users to organize tours with many promotions to regain profits

Sum up

In addition to owning a large trading center right on your phone, players can log in to store their belongings, invite friends to join Happy Mall Story MOD to see who will be the boss in the game. There are also versions for iOS and Android with very small capacity, the game adapts to all types of machines on the market today. In addition, you can play even when using the network or not, this is an advantage for those who often go away but not talk to the wifi. Sign up now to get your player reward.

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