High School Fleet APK (Update CBT) Mod

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  • January 1, 2018
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The famous game from cherry blossom country always makes the players feel attracted and enjoyed by the fancy fighting costumes both traditional and modern, the characters are not only beautiful, dynamic but also very talented. And you are wondering what game to play in your spare time, High School Fleet will be there for you.

Download High School Fleet APK (Update CBT) Mod latest for Android

Can young people use and control the ships? Could that be wrong when we are just students? What are the two ships named HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee? The game is set in the battles between Japanese and Russian warships in the last century. You will be the lovely captain Mashiro Munetani or confident, the personality of her Wilhelmina. That’s your choice. The characters have a very large and modern battleship. Come to the game, you will be the commander for your crew to join the battle on the sea. Where the air of the wind comes with the beautiful blue sky. Two female captains and their teammates will fight to win. They prove to people that they are confident and brave. Do you want to be like them? Become a trusted leader and follow your direction. Own a large warship and fight directly with the formidable opponent.

The warships in the middle of the blue sea and the wind and the characters in the game all featured Japanese characters from high school students to military uniforms. It can be seen that the respect and the uniqueness of their country is always a top priority. The characters are all female and are all voiced and are very authentic. In addition, the weapons and technical equipment for cruisers and sailors are well equipped. Certainly High School Fleet will make players feel excruciated by the monumental and meticulous level of developers similar to the anime was released.

It has not been released yet and there is not a specific detail about the High School Fleet APK except for a few illustrations but the game is sure to be of great interest due to the unique character of the two female characters. Fight the fire on the vast sea. Join dangerous and challenging battles.

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