Hollow Ninja APK (Update v1.0) MOD

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For those who love and adore the beautiful country of Japan, everyone must know Ninja. Have you ever wanted to be a good person like them? They are like mysterious people with superpowers and hidden skills and miraculous landing. It’s hard to be like them while I’m struggling with a busy modern life. Come to Hollow Ninja; players can experience the full mission of a true Ninja. It’s not just a game; it’s passion for a new type of battle.

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Your village has been destroyed, and you will have to be very careful when fighting the yokai. Obstacles such as yokai or other objects may contain stalking dangers, and there are also rewards for players after completing their missions. After a game, you can see how much of your ruby or other stones you collect because of the amount of these stones that are converted into money for the player to buy. Other items when preparing for the next battle. When you attack opponents, achievements and combat tactics are displayed on the screen to help players control the way as well as the current situation of themselves when fighting.

Character creation is based on the image of a person wearing a hooded suit, masked depending on the level may be a mask, fox mask .. character can own multiple levels corresponding to the Fight recipe and use different types of “jutsu.” Each type of item brought along will have its effects, which when leveled up, the player will experience through. There are more than 50 levels and the colors used in each stage increase to the higher level that will change.
Foes range from small to large enough. The controls on the right side of the screen make it easy to select the type of sword that fits each character type. The upper left corner shows the character’s energy when fighting. When the power is over you have not finished level yet; you will have to play again. Of course, you can only use them within limits.
To start a new adventure, the game also offers a dock containing items and weapons that have detailed usage and cost information for the player to use in the next game.

Fast-paced sound, very well suited for games that use combat weapons and require agility. The dominant color is the darkness of the night and the redness of the fire. Hollow Ninja MOD APK will give players the feeling of excitement, entertainment, and comfort as possible.

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