Home Street (Update v0.8.4) Mod Coins/Gems

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  • October 10, 2017
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Produced and developed by Supersolid, the life-simulation game Home Street will offer players a modern society where you can interact with all the other players in the world. What will happen when you come to a new country, a new land without relatives on the side, not only difficult to self-help, solving problems alone you still have to behave friendly everyone around the neighborhood you live in, especially the prissy neighbors. Home Street Games will help you solve this problem thoroughly and intelligently.

Download Home Street APK v0.8.4 Mod unlimited coins/gems for Android

Join Home Street, you will be portrayed as any character you choose on the main menu, then move to live in a new home. This house is not complete yet and you must do this. First of all, items of furniture such as bed, TV, bookshelves, toilets to be arranged appropriately to be able to level up faster. Home Street’s range of home furnishings is varied and comes from many well-known brands all over the world, and it’s certainly not inferior to The Sim, and of course, the game is enough. It is desirable to build a dream home.

Although this is a game that simulates the daily life of a character, Home Street was very clever to completely remove the personal  characteristics as in The Sim or Talking Tom (the index Hunger, fun, hygiene, etc.), the game is not focused on how you have to respond to the personal life of your character, but rather about the needs and wants of the people around you. From there you will learn many more useful things and can apply to your everyday real life. In order to earn gold, you’ll need to paint the picture for sale, or play a hard-working farmer, grow a vegetable in your garden and wait until it’s harvested. Try to earn a lot of gold to buy the decoration of your home more luxurious.

Remember, there are so many exciting things to do in the neighborhood you live in, do not wait any longer, step into the world of Home Street and make yourself special in people opinion. The game supports a variety of languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.
Home Street is a completely new style of simulation game, it’s a shortened version of The Sim on a mobile device. Taking part in the game will help you improve yourself a lot, apply a lot of knowledge or in the game with real life.

Features of the Home Street APK Mod

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems

Install Steps: 
1.) Download the original game on playstore.
2.) Rename the obb file com.supersolid.spark to whatever you want(Ex. com.supersolid.spark1).
3.) Uninstall the original game.
4.) Install the modded APK.
5.) Rename back the obb file into com.supersolid.spark.
6.) Start the game. Enjoy!

Credits: GAHAHAHA (Thanks to platinmods)

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