Horse Farm Mod APK v1.0.794 (Unlimited Rubies)


Welcome to Horse Farm, Horse Farm is a farm simulation game released by publisher Upjers GmbH and certainly downloadable to users. Despite the recent launch, Horse Farm has achieved more than 500,000 downloads on Google Play as well as high rate from the gamers community. To find out the appeal of this game, let’s take a look at some of the great points of this game right below!

Download Horse Farm Mod APK v1.0.794 (Unlimited Rubies) latest for Android

For the content of this game, have you ever dreamed of owning a horse farm? Come to Horse Farm and create your own stable, take care of it with animal loving, and make sure the interesting things are waiting for you in the future. Players will be able to own a horse farm at Horse Farm game. You will select the most beautiful horses and raise them to become merry horses, cleverly intelligent. Of course, you will take this farm to business and the customers will be extremely satisfied with the beautiful, cute horses. They will get a very interesting holiday and never forget the stress-free days. Nursing at this marvelous horse farm.

To make the guests feel comfortable, the task of the player is to build a stable, a clean guest house, hold a horse race, a customer service style with careful care, country food and many recreational activities. All your efforts will create a great income and you will be collecting a lot of different types of horses. And it is unique that you can breed horses by crossbreeding horses, creating new horses and waiting for the ability and shape of this particular horse.

The game’s custom mode enhances the gaming experience for the user. Users can customize the details of their horses, stables from fences, window frames to tile roofs, which are customized according to your own preferences. A wide range of management tasks and expansion, upgrade facilities, motels. Horse Farms graphics are extremely detailed in animal details, gestures, smooth and attractive motion. This game can be addictive for horse enthusiasts and horse racing. Download now by clicking the link below!

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