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Human Fall Flat – Previously, I introduced you to Terraria game, do you remember? Terraria is an adventure game developed by 505 Games Srl. Unexpectedly, such a simple game received a lot of attention from gamers, and now it has more than 10 million downloads on the app market. After a long period of absence, 505 Games Srl also returned and brought a new product: Human Fall Flat. This is an open world game, combined with a puzzle, co-developed and developed by 505 Games Srl and Curve Digital. Previously, in 2016, Human Fall Flat was released on the PC and Sandbox platform. The great support and feedback of gamers, so the Human Fall Flat was present on the mobile platform. How will Human Fall Flat release the “thirst” for players?

The story

Human Fall Flat begins with the prospect of a guy named Bob falling into an open world. Not long ago, he picked up an ancient vase that looked quite mysterious. He brought it home and found it glowing every night. He opened the lid of the vessel while it glowed, and this caused both him and his family to fall into a strange world. Although he felt a little scared, he needed to get that out of his mind to look for relatives. Are you willing to help him?

In the Human Fall Flat, players will play the character Bob and make the adventure in an open world, searching for the missing members. However, in this open-world adventure, you’ll have to help Bob solve the series of puzzles that the game offers, not fight monsters, or build like in MineCraft. The game does not give you any instructions, there are only a few descriptions of Bob’s character, and I can tell you. Bob is described as an ordinary person and has no special abilities at all. But when you give him something, he can do extraordinary things. So, control Bob to move to many places, collect objects to do certain useful tasks. His talent or what he can do doesn’t seem to be revealed, and you need to explore. Imagine what you need to do, what items to collect, how to organize them to find a new direction of movement, and solve the puzzle.

In terms of gameplay, the system provides you with a nice console, with a variety of function keys displayed on the screen. Each function key corresponds to each different action you can take. Touch them to discover what it is.


Human Fall Flat not only appeals to players with rich thinking and imagination but also is loved by the motion effects in the game. The designer has applied physical laws to create interactions in this game. This makes the feeling of players feel more authentic, closer to real life. Besides, players can customize their characters, such as drawing and coloring characters with unique colors.

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