Idle Heroes (MOD, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

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  • September 14, 2019
  • RPG
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  • Version: 1.19.0.p3
  • Category: RPG
  • Size: 180MB
  • Update: September 14, 2019 at 1:53 am
  • Available at: Google Play

Genre survival is the most popular gamer category, it created the success of hot games like PUBG, ROS as now. However, the charm of the immersive genre has not decreased, which can not mention Idle Heroes from DHGAMES. Having Avenger Legend, Idle Heroes as a junior should be taken care of DHGAMES. Although it has been 2 years still the gamers love. Idle Heroes is an exciting journey, starting from the beautiful and mysterious Sarah Forest to the most majestic gods in the sky. Along with you, gamers from all over the world will travel side by side to explore the magical, magical place and there, you will lead your Heroes to the ancient ruins and start the fight. fight with the dark army.

Play Different, Go Idle!

A typical role-playing game, Idle’s way of playing is not so strange. You will play the role of light, the task is to defeat the dark army or other players. With a variety of heroic heroes, costumes, and weapons, your hero will gain strength so that you can build your own team and change your hero. Tactical and unique, fancy but still exemplify his own style. In the game, the world arena is one of the features that will help you to enjoy your talent, show your style to everyone around the world, have fun and be on the charts. And even if you do not have a lot of free time, you still have strong Heroes because even when offline, your heroes are still leveled up by auto-monsters. You will not feel lonely because you can fully join any Guild, with boss hunting, monster, monster pvp, …..

Equipped with 3D graphics but the size of the game is quite small but still ensures sharpness, effects, and images. As a result, the game does not require too much configuration to experience, which is perfectly suited for mid-range devices. Items, Hero is carefully crafted. Along with the game, the map is wide, many chapters fight so you can fight unlimited. Sounds attractive to catch the ear, making the player can entertain the most comfortable.

Main features

  • Idle Heroes can play online or offline, even if your device is offline, you can still receive gifts over time.
  • More than 200 heroes from different factions, break the skill of all of them
  • Customize war weapons where each case and personal preference
  • Join the Arena, PK, and players around the world!

In short, Idle Heroes is a role-playing RPG standard, rich gameplay, rich interface and easy operation, beautiful. Thanks to the ability to shape and character of the game, Idle Heroes is a game that has a lot of games, are appreciated, nice graphics but quite light, the gamers are enough to fight the game easily. The publisher always cared for the game, regularly updating new games to complete the game – to suit the needs of players.

Come on, download and show your style right now!

MOD Info (Private Server)

  • VIP 13
  • Disabled Training
  • Unlimited Coins/Gems
  • Unlocked All Heros
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12 thoughts on “Idle Heroes (MOD, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

  1. Thanks for the mod idle heroes!!

  2. Thanks you for your mod apk thank you verry much thankyou for the mod 🙂

  3. Unlimited Coins/Gems not work

  4. Can’t find how to get the free gems on this mod could you tell me how i do this ?

  5. Needs fixed. “Failed to get an available gateway server. Please check your connection.” Playing in U.S. if that helps.

  6. How to get GEMS, please!

  7. What does it mea “unlock all heroes”? Does it mean i can get free heroes of my choice or what? Because i can only get random heroes through summon

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