iNotify 11 Pro APK (Update v2.3.2)


Do you find the layout or style of the Android operating system has been boring and want to change? To enhance the user experience of phone usage, publisher Gail Schiffhauer has developed and launched the iNotify 11 Pro personalized app. iNotify 11 Pro helps Android users running OS 5.0 or higher can change the way they use the same phone as OS 11. Gail Schiffhauer noticed that many Android users now expect a change from 5.0 to other handy operating systems and this application that this release has actually done.

Download iNotify 11 Pro APK (Update v2.3.2) latest for Android

iNotify 11 Pro APK helps control everything as well as displaying on your phone identical to OS 11 on the Android phone. The style of use is completely different from the theme to the display on the screen is extremely smooth, the launcher is meticulously designed to give users a very special and exciting experience. The control panel, as well as the control center, are all set to be identical to OS 11. So users will not be surprised when using an Android-style iPhone.

iNotify 11 Pro has a lot of useful features that will make your Android phone look like OS 11:

-Set the part of the message you want to display in iNotify 11 Pro
– Customizable
– Carrier Display, Battery Percentage, and OS 11 Network Connections
– When you download this application, everything in it will be free
– Search for apps quickly with the ilauncher os 11 search bar
– From the menu bar, choose to open the Android operating system, change the plane mode
– Show missed calls, call or leave a message with just one tap.
– Theme design in iPhone style X, very nice and easy control.
– The background image, hidden behind the application icon image.

And much more, you can not tell all the useful features in OS 11’s style of use in this short introductory article. Experience the most modern OS 11 with the iNotify 11 Pro, a small but extremely powerful application, and keep in mind that you can install anything that OS 11 has. Currently, on the Google Play apps market, iNotify 11 Pro is being sold for $4.4, but you can download it for free at the link below.

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