Island Pioneer (孤岛 先锋) APK – New style survival game

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Shortly after its release two weeks ago, the game has climbed to number one in the Taptap app store. Island Pioneer is a survival game combined with the traditional MOBA genre, promising to create exciting moments. As we all know, PUBG Mobile is the leading game in the survival category on mobile phones. Now, we have a lot of options such as Quantum Special Attack, Rules of Survival … but these games have a style and gameplay very similar to PUBG. If you want to find a game that brings a lot of difference, many improvements, especially in combination with the MOBA category, Island Pioneer is your number one choice. The game is called 孤岛 先锋, but if you want to download this game, you do not need to go straight to Taptap, download with our link below.


Unlike other existing survival games on the market today, Island Pioneer is set in a real location, which is Pioneer, a famous island in the Americas. However, the development team has built this island in a charming cartoon style, making the players feel like fun, not anxious as other survival games. This is the first difference and also the highlight that I like most of this game.

MOBA genre associated with survival

The map of the game reminds me of some MOBA games like Arena of Valor and Vainglory. Yes, the map of the game is a large island, but the design style is quite similar to the familiar MOBA games that many people have played. The forests, lawns are very familiar. Differences gradually see when the player moves to the house, the boat outside the island. You can go to the house to find weapons, take a boat and move to another island. The map of the game is so large that you can not go all out in a game. The manufacturer does not publish the exact radius of the map, but with what we see, it’s vastly inferior to the Quantum Special Attack and some games of the same genre.

Island Pioneer’s gameplay is similar to other survival games. Your task is to destroy all the other opponents are on the island. Use the most advanced weapons, hide behind and finish off opponents quickly. However, be careful around because you can also be within reach of others at any time.


The game gives you different classes of characters, each with different abilities. This is the most attractive thing that makes the game more unique than other survival games. Immediately after entering the game, you will be creating a character you like. Then, use this character for your next battle. Remember, using a character in multiple matches will make you more proficient in that character, but there are many more characters that you need to explore, unlock yourself and experience it all to get the best combat experience.


Unlike PUBG Mobile, Island Pioneer’s weapons are new and modern. Favourite guns like AWM, AKM … in this game are not available. Instead, it gives the player unique armaments carrying technology of the future such as firearms fired lightning, electric guns. It looks like it’s quite abstract, but it brings a lot of laughs to people. Immediately after parachuting to the ground, look for guns to fight for. Do not forget about the same equipment like backpacks, armour, bombs …

Sum up

With a brand new style, Island Pioneer APK has created a huge appeal, and the game still holds the top spot in many mobile applications markets in China. Although only support the Chinese language, the game is very simple; you can download and join without knowing anything about the word. The most important thing is the skill, is not it?

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