Kick-Ass Commandos (Update v1.0) Mod Unlocked Paid

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Launched on November 18th, 2016 for the PC platform, Kick-Ass Commandos ruled the roost on the all of market, gaining attention from the name of “Kick-Ass”, followed by the whole system which tend to be classic “8-bit” design, and more importantly, “old but new” gameplay makes a difference. Now Kick-Ass Commandos is back with two mobile platforms, Android and iOS. In the game Kick-Ass Commandos, players will be back to childhood with 16 familiar protagonists for you to choose, each character has different weapons and has a monstrous style no one like:

Download Kick-Ass Commandos APK/IPA v1.0 Mod Unlocked Paid for Android/IOS

– Colonel Stone: Mainly used rifles and looked very serious.
– Lex Lightning: Specialized use of heavy guns and he is a hunter with mustaches
– Sgt. Mohawk: A person who has thrown tanks, and has the ability to use a variety of weapons.
– Corporal Blaze: Use a flamethrower
– Corporal T-Bone: Young people never wear shirts, and prefer to use heavy guns.
– Ginger: A young men who is a descendant of an influential family, were recruited into the Commandos.
– Ops Delta: The most dangerous youth in the Commandos organization with the statement: “After you answer the questions, I will kill you”
– Nameless Privates: Landmine specialist
– General Irons: Use the weapon is the rocket.

Go back to childhood with Kick-Ass Commandos

As part of the Commandos organization, you will represent the best of the organization to overcome a variety of tasks, along with a number of levels in increasing difficulty. You will have to go through battles with giant crocodiles, giant scorpions, dangerous assassination missions seem impossible. And the special task is to find the organization that disseminates Krystal Yayo – a drug that is harmful to everyone. The way of character control in the game is very simple, especially if you have played through Alien Shooter game then the Kick-Ass Commandos also have the same control, but here we will appear in the scene that is bright, fun with a lot of character selection and a variety of weapons, ammunition.

Kick-Ass Commandos graphics have been rebuilt much better than the previous version of the computer, but everything is designed in an 8-bit classic way. There are many maps in the game that we have seen quite familiar as dead forests, cold snow mountains, and melting desert. Kick-Ass Commandos’s simple gameplay makes it easy for players to enter and perform simple first tasks, so relax with the fun and exciting Kick-Ass Commandos game that will keep you entertained after stressful working hours.

If you remember 2007, when the game Alien Shooter was born, the young players will never forget the monsters classic game. It’s been more than 9 years ago, and now let’s get to know a better game – Kick-Ass Commandos.

The Kick-Ass Commandos APK/IPA Mod is available for purchase on the Google Play and App Store for $2.99, if you do not have in funds to purchase it, you can download the corresponding file to the operating system we provide below (we bought it and shared it back to you). Finally, wish you have fun matches.

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