Have you ever thought that you would become a famous Hollywood star and be many fans? If you have such thoughts, then join KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD to make your dream come true. This is a role-playing game that is a lot of people love, although not new to the gameplay but this game has a […]


33 thoughts on “KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD (MOD, Much Stars/Cash/Level)

  1. Yay!!! It works!!! Thanks so much!!

  2. Which one did you use?

  3. Why is it harmful to devices?

  4. I hope it works

  5. Waw it works thx soo much

  6. Where is the new update???

  7. Como le hago para poder iniciar mi cuenta en el apk?

  8. Yes,it works with or without obb

  9. show your style event on there?

  10. Where is the new update

  11. I’m waiting for the update.. Please.. ?
    Thank you so much..

  12. Can’t get in some places T-T

  13. This game only works with OBB File. I tested .

  14. I only got unlimited money 16.77m, where is the stars and the tiers?

  15. Hi can u change the stars from adding up to actually going down and from 1000 and so we have to exit game and return for the stars to go back to 1000 in order for us to get the sys please.

  16. How do you unlock the tier vip?

  17. The Vip Tiers don’t work. And I can’t buy anything from Kollections..

  18. Plz update to latest version, thanks

  19. thanks for the mod, there is a new update which is 10.2.0 please give us new update on this game. Thanks

  20. Perfect thank you so much for youre hard work !!
    Everythings work but not the collection is there a tips or a ways To make it work ?
    Thank you so much

  21. Can you buy kollections and do sys events?

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