Kung Fu Girls (Update v1.2.2) Mod Damage/Health

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  • October 12, 2017
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Kung Fu Girls is a 2D mobile game in the category of martial arts RPG cards developed by MCL. The game is a very interesting product combining the traditional martial art scene of Chinese culture with the style of anime character design, all the special female of Japan, thereby bringing a unique experience for both the visual experience and the card gameplay system is casual, simple and fun.

Download Kung Fu Girls APK v1.2.2 Mod Damage/Health for Android

Kung Fu Girls for Android is produced and distributed by MCL-Online, a Hong Kong-based publisher, so the game retains its very own style of swordplay. At the beginning, Kung Fu Girls have a lot of different servers that make players confused and not focused, playing with friends is so difficult, now the publisher has allied into a big server. This is where players around the world can stay connected, engage in battles with their friends and relatives around the world. The highlight of the game is the character style is extremely cute. In Kung Fu Girls, there are all 108 females that will appear, you want to own all these hot beautiful girls. Please try to win.

The game has a unique storyline that you will be seen as soon as you log into the game. The production team built an original cutscene in a unique Chinese watercolor style, which attracted the attention of players from the beginning. From then on we will feel that this game retains the traditional elements of the Chinese martial arts context from far away, but with all the characters being designed in the lovely Q-style, The game will be carrying a new style.

The game takes a horizontal scroll of the screen to make the experience very simple, players will take over the task and manipulate some of the functions in the position of master, then go to certain tasks. Fighting style in Kung Fu Girls is a classic turn-based form, which allows players to set up a team of some characters at the same time. Another point in the game context is the whole system of characters are female, representing all the martial guilds in the world of martial arts such as Thien Son, Nga Mi, Toan Chan,…

The experience of fighting in the game is quite fun and lively, even with 2D graphics, but the movement and combat skills of each character are well done, incorporating additional voice. Accuracy and music are great. Similar to other card products, the main sequence will be developed in chapters, with each chapter having a set number of chapters, but with slight variations, the player can gain up to 4 stars at each stage instead of 3.

Kung Fu Girls APK mod features

  • Mod Damage/Health
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