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  • July 5, 2018
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There is an undeniable truth that MMORPGs are an extremely addictive game genre that has existed in the gaming community for years. To date, people still play this kind of game a lot. But increasingly advanced society and increasingly busy work do not allow us to sit hours in front of the computer or even the laptop just to play games. Moreover, the strength of the smartphone industry has made the trend toward smart devices. There are some advantages to playing this new game, such as lightweight for gaming and moving, can play all the time and everywhere; can operate fast and not many peripherals such as computer playing. Recently, the publisher of ZlongGame has revealed about the upcoming launch of the legendary game SRPG Langrisser on iOs and Android. This is definitely a good news for the gaming community.

Series strategy game revived?

Can you imagine me a bit? You are so tired of the present world and want to enter a new world that refreshes you, living in a place you always dream of. If so, welcome to the magical world of LANGRISSER. Here everything will no longer be the modern world only exist work fatigue and heavy life pressure that only the heroes fight hard to destroy the monsters and devils. Your only goal here is to keep the peace of the people through fierce battles with your opponents of peace. The background of the game is a medieval world with gigantic but dark and old castles, horrible dragons capable of spewing fire and living in caves full of gold, silver, and many warriors. He only fights with the swords, bows, and magic staffs. All characters are dressed in heavy and ancient armor or will be dressed in layers of wizards and sumptuous costumes from the royal family.


This is a tactical game combining with role-playing can be played with many players around the world. Players will have to choose a class that suits their style and will use their character forever. So consider carefully before choosing a character and then go to the game and enjoy it. The game will be a combination of different types of fighting and fighting, so before entering the battlefields you should prepare yourself a tactic and think about the worst case that can occur in the game. So you will quickly level up and win the glory for yourself.
Langrisser APK will have interesting modes like fighting with a rival army and you also lead an army of your own. If any party still has at least one guard and your character is alive while destroying the enemy, then you win. There are also solo combat modes or pass the difficult doors due to the massive bosses, strong and well-guarded. Try to experience all of them to get the most out of this game.

Graphical audio features

The game will have a tremendous number of character systems with over 1 million Chinese characters, which means there will be an extremely rich storyline with different classes. Each hero has unique abilities that match the class that they are belonging to. In addition, all of these characters are engineered with extremely sharp 3D graphics, elaborate movements, and great support for players in the smoother combat. Their sound will also be voiced by the popular seiyuus from Japan.

Temporary end

The game has not yet been released but has received good praise from the community through the trailer and game test from the publisher. But there will be a beta server launch for those who are quick to sign up on January 17, 2018, in China. But there is no official release of the game. So please keep track of our page to update the latest details.

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